Giant Soap Bubbles

I first met Stacy Ratel in New York during our 2008 Hands-on Science Boot Camp tour. Stacy is a highly-motivated teacher who will go to great lengths to create unforgettable learning experiences for her students. Now I know why Stacy was so interested in ways to make giant bubbles. The classic bubble solution recipe called for two tablespoons of Dawn dish soap, 8 ounces of distilled water and a tablespoon of high quality glycerin. What the recipe never tells you is to mix the contents and then wait for 24 hours – even bubble solution needs time to age. Stacy sent us these photos to show you what happens when the make the perfect batch of bubble solution.

Watch the video of the giant swimming pool bubble

7 thoughts on “Giant Soap Bubbles”

  1. For even better hula-hoop bubbles, wrap yarn around the hoop. It provides a reservoir for the hoop to draw from instead of all the juice dripping off the plastic hoop quickly.

  2. When I was in college in the 60’s we did this during spring follies! I still use it as a science project with my college students! It’s the best!!

  3. I just finished by first pulbic bubble presentation at an orphanage in Juarez, Mexico. The kids were amazingly creative once I showed them what can be done with soap bubbles–I think the key was letting them participate. I have been invited to do another presentation for what I am told will be up to 500 Marine Scouts in Manzanillo, Mexico for their Christmas party. Do you have any suggestions or helpful tips?

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