Don Cameron is Mad About Science

Steve Spangler visits Don Camerons classroom at Lakewood High School
Steve Spangler visits Don Cameron's classroom at Lakewood High School

The chemistry students at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado set their alarm clocks just a little earlier than normal today to join us on live TV for our Mad About Science tribute to Don Cameron. Mr. Cameron is described by his students as a ‘really great teacher who tells lots of jokes.’ While Mr. Cameron does lots of great demos, what impressed me most about him was how he was able to use these great science demos to build real-world connections to the science content.

As you watch the video, you’ll see how the students demonstrated an experiment with dry ice that shows how global warming makes the oceans more acidic. They also used a Tesla Coil to demonstrate what happens inside a car engine with explosive results. And there couldn’t be a better close to any science segment than to have a student smash a cinder block on a who is sandwiched between two beds of nails. Huge thanks to the students and staff at Lakewood High School for this early morning visit.

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