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The Spangler Effect to Debut on New YouTube Channel February 1st

Last October, YouTube announced the next big thing to come to entertainment and television… a YouTube Network of original channels. Beginning in 2012, they began adding 100 new channels to their lineup. They are bringing a wide range of talented producers, creators and personalities to the web and offering a new viewing experience for those who want to make the most of the YouTube platform. Programming on a wide range of topics like parenting, fitness, news channels, music, sports, comedy, pop culture and education are available.

We are very honored to be a part of this YouTube venture as a partner. Beginning Wednesday, February 1st Steve Spangler Science will offer an educational channel and show, The Spangler Effect.

About the Show

He’s the science teacher you always wanted to have in school. Things just happen to fizz, pop, smoke and explode, and before you know it, you’re a part of his learning experience. His passion is to find the most creative ways to make learning fun. His methods might be unconventional, but the goal is to turn ordinary science experiments into unforgettable learning experiences. And when it happens, it’s called The Spangler Effect.

It’s a series about a group of people who are passionate about finding cool ways to make science fun. They turn ordinary do-it-yourself science activities into extreme experiences that spread like a virus, make noise (literally) with crazy science challenges, produce “no way!” revelations and the occasional explosion, and help parents and educators find creative ways to get kids excited about learning.

Make it big, do it right, give it class – that’s The Spangler Effect.

Each week, a new episode will explore one science experiment, concept, project, challenge or situation to learn how and why it is important in our daily lives. At the heart of each episode is a take-away activity that has great wow-factor but is easy enough for viewers to recreate at home using simple household items.

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We are proud to be joining the new YouTube original channels including programming from Cafe Mom, The Onion, Madonna, Livestrong Women, Motor Trend, Brooke Burke, Tony Hawk, Shaquille O’Neil, TED Education and the Wall Street Journal.

The programming is available on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, with all the interactivity and social features of YouTube built right in.

YouTube for Schools
Learn more about the YouTube for Schools program. Step-by-step instructions are available to help your school sign up now.

2008 EduBlog Awards – Winner for Best Educational Video


We just found out this week that we won the 2008 EduBlog award for Best Educational Video and it’s all because of amazing followers like all of you. When we got the word out that we were nominated for this award, the congratulations came pouring in… and so did the votes. After the dust had cleared, we learned that over 900 supporters voted for our educational videos. Continue reading 2008 EduBlog Awards – Winner for Best Educational Video

Visit the Largest Online Collection of Science Experiment Videos

spangler-science-videosAs we wrap up 2008, I’m excited to report that we’ve added more than a hundred new videos to our ever-growing library of cool science videos and science fair project ideas. We are told that this science video library represents the most complete collection of science activities, experiment ideas and science demonstrations online to date. Thanks to everyone for your feedback and suggestions for future segments. I liked the e-mail that said, “Spangler videos are like Pringles… you can’t stop at just one.” Pour yourself another cup of coffee and dig in.

Visit the Complete Science Video Library

Bradley Mayhew is an amazing photographer and video editor who joined our creative team earlier this year. When he visited our video storage area on his first day on the job, he started to understand the true scope of managing this video archive. There are over 240 science segments dating back to 1990-1997 when I hosted the weekly Wonder Why? science segment on NBC’s News for Kids. Many of these segments can be seen on the Steve Spangler Science YouTube Channel under the classics category. Bradley also uncovered countless hours of video from teacher workshops, summer institutes, summer science camps, keynotes and other live presentations.

We know that many teachers cannot watch our videos at school because the 9News.com play and YouTube.com are both blocked the the school firewalls. However, most teachers have open access to the content provided at TeacherTube.com We are excited to announce that Steve Spangler Science is working closely with the creators of TeacherTube.com to launch a special science experiment content channel in 2009. You can see a small part of our content on the Steve Spangler Science TeacherTube Channel.

9news-spangler-scienceThe best part for us is that our selection of videos are updated weekly thanks to all of the segments from 9News.com This year marks my tenth anniversary as the Science Education Specialist with the NBC affiliate KUSA 9News in Denver. During that time, Mark Koebrich, Kim Christiansen, Kirk Montgomery, Kathy Sabine, Nick Carter and Becky Ditchfield experienced every variation of science experiment that fizzes, pops, smokes, explodes or occasionally catches on fire. My appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show are directly tied to the Ellen Show producers watching our science demos on 9News and inviting me on their show to make them even bigger.

I hope you enjoy our ever-growing library of cool science video. Any suggestions for future segments?

New YouTube Channel for SteveSpanglerScience

nfk-1995-5We’ve stuggled with the decision of where to host our science demonstration videos. It really comes down to accessibility and it’s tough to beat YouTube.com  So, we uploaded our first round of science demonstration videos on our channel called www.youtube.com/stevespanglerscience Bradley Mayhew is the keeper of our video archive and he’s pretty excited about loading the channel up with some “classics” as he calls them. Some of the videos are old enough that we would need to find special equipment just to play the videos. Bradley shared a few “classic” clips at yesterday’s staff meeting. “You might be able to guess the year (or decade) of the video just by looking at what Steve is wearing… or his hair style.” If you’re looking for a video editor, Bradley’s position at SteveSpanglerScience.com might just come available tomorrow. Regardless of how old they are, I hope you enjoy our growing science video collection on our new YouTube channel.


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