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Why Early Childhood Science Education is Important

Steve Spangler recently participated in #TeacherFriends Twitter chat and met some amazing teachers. Here are the questions and his longer-formatted answers about science education today.

Steve Spangler on #TeacherFriends Twitter Chat

1. Why is early childhood science education important?

For young learners, science is just an extension of their everyday world. We don’t have to teach young children how to wonder, discover, and explore through play because they do it naturally.

The myth is that we have to convince children that science is fun. Are you kidding? Science has always been fun for children… if it’s presented in the right way.

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Send the Teacher in Your Life Back to School and Save $100

What happens when you put 150 teachers from around the world in the same room for three days with a team of instructors who are over-the-top excited about teaching science? Enthusiasm for making science fun spreads like a virus!

Science in the Rockies Teacher Training with Steve Spangler in Denver | Steve Spangler Science

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the teacher in your life, consider giving them the gift of education. Steve Spangler and his team of educators come together for three days in July for Science in the Rockies.  This is hands-on science professional development training that is guaranteed to re-energize and excite every teacher.

This is not a “sit-and-watch” teacher training… this is a “get-up-and-do” learning experience featuring over 75 engaging activities that teachers can take home and immediately share with their students.

Science in the Rockies teacher training with Steve Spangler

The best part? All of the activities are aligned with Common Core and Next Gen Science Standards, so teachers can easily fit them into their lesson plans.

The workshop is $895 for three days. All participants leave the workshop with $300 of hands-on learning materials. They also receive a 250-page training manual that details the entire learning experience.

In just three days, teachers will learn how to use exploration and inquiry to create unforgettable learning experiences for their students. Send your favorite teacher to Colorado July 8-10, 2014 for this inspiring workshop!

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 Science in the Rockies teacher training with Steve Spangler


Bullying Is Not a Game

Bullying makes the news almost every week. It exists in schools, sports fields, playground and online. We’ve also recently learned bullying is also present in professional organizations like the NFL. Children who are bullied tend to withdraw and suffer emotional scars. In extreme cases, some become so desperate, they take their own lives.

Steve sat down with professional speaker and certified professional coach Laurie Flasko to talk about bullying and what we can do as parents and teachers to put a stop to it.

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Steve Spangler Toilet Papers The Ellen DeGeneres' Studio

In his 15th appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Steve Spangler brought a few of his science tricks to the talk show.

Steve Spangler Toilet Papers The Ellen DeGeneres Studio

Steve made yet another colossal mess on Ellen’s set as he rigged 60 leaf blowers with 60 toilet paper rolls to launch at the same time. When Ellen pushed the button, the studio was instantly swallowed up by flying toilet paper as a demonstration of Bernoulli’s Principle.

Ellen also demonstrated centripetal force by swinging a tub of water over her head.

To watch The Ellen Show in its entirety, check your local listings.