Young Rocket Scientists Inspired by Homer Hickam

Only a very cool teacher gives this kind of homework to her students... "Using only construction paper and tape, I want you to design a rocket." Lisa Heaton, the Gifted and Talented teacher showed her students a specially designed rocket launcher made out of PVC plumbing parts from the local hardware store. The idea for the PVC rocket launcher comes from [...]

500 Soda Geysers at NSTA Convention

Thousands of science teachers found their way to St. Louis for the 2007 National Science Teachers Association convention, and we wanted to make sure they had something to take back to their students. So, we loaded our trucks with experiments and products from the website along with 5,000 rolls of MENTOS stuffed into plastic test tubes and headed for the Gateway [...]

Toy Fair 2007: It’s Cool to Like Science

The opening day at Toy Fair was amazingly busy for those companies who had cool science product, according to a staff writer from CNET Caroline McCarthy writes, "Amid the madness of the 2007 American International Toy Fair here, a somewhat unexpected trend was visible: apparently, science rules." Caroline stopped by the booth yesterday to ask a few questions about our [...]

Bubble Wrap Winner – Grayson Rosenberger

Cynthia Palmer, a very dynamic 5th grade science teacher from Franklin Road Academy, called this morning to share the great news. Her student, Grayson Rosenberger, just won the Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors. Mrs. Palmer first learned about the contest from our blog post on September 14, 2006. The Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors invited young scientists to exercise [...]

Atlanta Science Boot Camp – Teachers Get Marching Orders

Our hands-on science team of teachers hit the road and headed to Atlanta for another stop on the 2006 Science Boot Camp Tour. The focus for this Boot Camp was to find creative ways to integrate more science into the teacher's current curriculum. Among their top concerns was a need for better open-ended inquiry activities that help students learn how to [...]

Colorado Science Teacher of the Year

Just stick your head above the crowd and someone will shoot at it. One Colorado elementary teacher is getting hit in the head with flying film canisters powered by water and Alka-Seltzer... and the kids are being praised. Colorado Association of Science Teachers selected Shannon Koppenfafer as the Science Teacher of the Year for the state's elementary school teachers. She [...]

My Inspiration… Don Herbert – The “Original” Mr. Wizard

A popular guest on the Johnny Carson Show, Don Herbert was truly an inspiration to an entire generation of science enthusiasts. I remember watching him as a kid and being impressed by the fact that while he was amazing, he didn't have a laboratory or wear a lab coat. He just looked like a friendly guy who did amazingly cool science [...]

Magicians do the impossible first

People often ask how I got excited about science. Who was the great chemist who influenced my life? I grew up in an unusual family. My first recollection was when I was three years old, peeking through the curtain at the Paramount Theater, watching my dad cut my mother into three pieces. Dad would close the show by eating fire. That my [...]