Ellen DeGeneres Wants Giant Smoke Rings!

It's official... I'm flying out to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show next week. Back in April of 2006 when a producer on the show originally contacted our office, I asked for your suggestions on experiments to do with Ellen. Lots of people suggested my Smoke Rings demo and Ellen might have taken your suggestion (hint, hint). Let's just [...]

A Look Inside Our Lab on Modern Marvels

The crew from Modern Marvels on the History Channel visited our science lab back in July to play with some really cold science experiments. In other words, the liquid nitrogen was flowing and the onions were exploding! Mark your calendars… Modern Marvels: Deep Freeze will officially be airing on the History Channel on Tuesday, September 25th at 8pm EST.

500 Soda Geysers at NSTA Convention

Thousands of science teachers found their way to St. Louis for the 2007 National Science Teachers Association convention, and we wanted to make sure they had something to take back to their students. So, we loaded our trucks with experiments and products from the website along with 5,000 rolls of MENTOS stuffed into plastic test tubes and headed for the Gateway [...]

First Geyser Tube Now Available – Powered by Mentos

We're excited about the official launch of our new Spangler Geyser Tube. Think of it as the perfect Mentos loading device to trigger a 30 foot geyser of soda. Just load the Mentos candies into the tube, lock the nozzle in place and pull the pin. Okay, it's bes t to pull the pin and then run away. The Mentos drop into [...]

Grant Smith Wins 1st Place in Science Fair

It's great to get emails with this subject line... My science fair project placed 1st from an idea from your website! Grant Smith is a 4th grader at S&S Elementary in Sherman, Texas. The "S&S" two small towns, Southmayd and Sadler, are approximately one hour north of Dallas. Grant used our website as a resource to expand on the [...]

Spangler’s Geyser Tube Strikes a Chord with Media

After two straight days of demonstrating the Spangler Geyser Tube at the New York Toy Fair, my voice is gone. All in all, we launched over 500 two-liter bottles of diet soda in the giant plastic tubes to demonstrate how a science experiment turned into an Internet sensation... which lead to the creation of a new toy. Prior to my voice disappearing, [...]

Toy Fair 2007: It’s Cool to Like Science

The opening day at Toy Fair was amazingly busy for those companies who had cool science product, according to a staff writer from CNET News.com. Caroline McCarthy writes, "Amid the madness of the 2007 American International Toy Fair here, a somewhat unexpected trend was visible: apparently, science rules." Caroline stopped by the booth yesterday to ask a few questions about our [...]

Launching Soda Geysers Indoors

Who said mixing Mentos and Diet Coke was only an outdoor only sport? When the show management at the Javits Center found out that I wanted to launch 2-liter soda geysers on the floor of the trade show at Toy Fair, they responded with a New York "no way". The solution was to build 18 foot clear plastic tubes to contain [...]

Mentos and Soda Mix – An Erupting Business

In addition to being the Business Columnist for the Denver Post, Al Lewis is now a fan of the Mentos and soda mixture. Al called last week with questions about our recent license agreement with with Italian confectioner Perfetti Van Melle, the maker of Mentos. His column entitled Mentos-Soda Mix a Mint for Scientist looks at the business side of the [...]

NAEYC 2006 – Fizz, Pop, Wow!

It was easy to see that this Steve Spangler session at the NAEYC 2006 Conference was going to be a little different. The stage was filled with the usual Spangler stuff... a vacuum cleaner, eggs, a saw, bowling balls, toilet paper rolls, giant bags, an aquarium of water, a violin bow, plenty of Alka-Seltzer, potatoes, Diet Coke and, of course, Mentos. [...]