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Steve Returns to the Ellen DeGeneres Show for 14th Appearance

What does 3,000 Alka-Seltzer Tablets, 3,000 film canisters and Steve Spangler have in common with the Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Steve demonstrated the explosive power of carbon dioxide when thousands of film canisters rained down on the Ellen set Wednesday. Cameras were covered, Ellen dressed in a rain coat, safety goggles and a hard hat and even Tony had an umbrella for protection. To say Steve blew the roof off of the Ellen Show is saying Mentos and Diet Coke make a small mess.

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Join Steve Spangler and Kathy Sabine for Weather and Science Day 2012 at Coors Field

Join us for the third annual Weather & Science Day on Wednesday, May 2nd at 10:30 AM, before the Rockies game against the Dodgers at Coors Field.

Weather and Science Day 2009 resulted in a Guinness World Record for the Largest Physics Lesson. Weather and Science Day 2011 resulted in the stands exploding with a choreographed song played by everyone in unison and a giant cannon shooting clouds across the outfield. What will happen at this year’s Weather and Science Day? You’d better sign up to make sure you don’t miss the fun.

Students and their teachers can purchase special rate tickets for Weather and Science Day and stay for the game. The science demonstrations and weather lessons will be along the first base line. Students will then move to their assigned seats for the game.

Weather and Science Day is for school groups, but any science enthusiast who has a ticket to the game can come early and join in the excitement for learning.


Schedule May 2, 2012 – Coors Field

9:30 a.m.                        Gates A, B, and C Open
10:30 – 11:30 a.m.       Weather & Science Wonders
1:10 p.m.                          Rockies vs. Dodgers

Special ticket rates are available for schools, and bus parking is free:

  • Rockpile: $4
  • Upper level: $11
  • Mid-level: $15
  • Outfield Box: $18

Schools will receive a special bus pass and parking.

The Rockies ask that everyone attending Weather and Science Day arrive as early as possible. The wait to enter the ballpark could take up to 30 minutes.

For additional information and to purchase tickets, call 303-312-2208 or email donnellyr@coloradorockies.com. Or visit the 9News.com story about Weather and Science Day.

Prohibited Items
*Glass bottles and aluminum or metal cans (including aerosol cans, aerosol sunscreen)
*All hard-sided coolers and containers, regardless of size
*All soft-sided bags and containers larger than 16″x16″x8″
*Sticks or clubs (including signs attached to sticks)
*Beachballs, balloons and other inflatables
*Any fruit or vegetable larger than a grapefruit must be sliced
*Insulated coolers, cups and thermoses larger than 22 oz.
*Boxes (to hold sack lunches, etc.)

Permitted Items
*Plastic beverage containers
*Soft-sided bags or containers 16″x 16″x 8″ or smaller
*Insulated cups or thermoses 22 ounces or smaller
*Food items
*Umbrellas during the threat of inclement weather. Please only compact umbrellas (28″ – 34″ span).
*Paper or plastic cups with permitted beverages
*Potato chip or nut cardboard cans with metal tops or bottoms

Curious about what happened last year or want to relive the fun? Visit our Science and Weather Day page.

Steve Makes His 12th Appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Steve makes his 12th appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show as Ellen’s Science Guy. The show airs today, so check local listings for exact times (it airs at 3pm in Denver on Channel 9) or click the link below to watch a sneak preview of the segment on the Ellen Show’s website.

Steve showed Ellen how to release the sugar energy in gummy bear candy (you will be surprised at how much energy there is in a gummy bear). He also demonstrated the clean burning power of ethanol and then turned an audience member into a human conductor of electricity.

Ellen helped Steve celebrate the launch of his second book, Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste. Ellen encouraged Steve to share his experiments in a book and she appears in it. She gave each audience member a copy of the book. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is giving away a copy of Steve’s book – visit their website to enter the Fire Bubbles and Exploding Toothpaste giveaway.


Not Your Ordinary Book Signing – Science Enthusiasts Visit Tattered Cover

Contributed by Susan Wells

A fun and electrifying night full of science demos and sticky soda awaited guests at Steve Spangler’s book signing at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch Thursday. Steve was there to sign his new book, Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes: Unforgettable Experiments that Make Science Fun.

This was not your usual book signing. The Tattered Cover is used to authors quietly reading from their book before a signing. They weren’t ready for Steve Spangler and his Science Crew.

Steve brought along several members of his staff who helped perform demos and entertain while people waited in line for Steve’s autograph.

Guests were greeted in the parking lot with Steve’s signature experiment – Mentos and Diet Coke geysers. Steve began the Internet sensation in 2005 on the NBC affiliate in Denver when he soaked news anchor Kim Christiansen. Some lucky bystanders pulled the cords and ran away from the sticky spray. This obviously had to be done in the parking lot – soda and books do NOT mix.

Steve Spangler's grand entrance into the Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes book signing at Tattered Cover Highlands RanchInside, guests learned about the properties of liquid nitrogen, played with Airzookas and Wonder Fly Static Generator Sticks.

Instead of sitting quietly and reading from his book, Steve made the Tattered Cover people nervous by blowing rolls of toilet paper over excited children and shooting potato launchers and then giant smoke rings. After, Steve signed his book for fans.

We want to thank everyone who came and joined in the fun and learning. We all love meeting the people who use Steve’s experiments and science toys in their classrooms and homes. And to everyone who missed all the fun – it’s not too late to purchase the new book – just visit the Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes page to order your copy.

The Ellen Show Called…

Ellen.pngWhen the phone rings, we never know quite what to expect. The phone rang and on the other end was a senior producer at the Ellen Show (you know… Ellen DeGeneres). It seems that this producer had been watching a few of our science videos and wanted to know if Ellen would have fun making huge clouds with liquid nitrogen, shooting potatoes, whipping up a batch of slime or learning how to make toilet paper fly. My response was “yes” to all of the above. But maybe it’s best if you help us decide which science experiments would be most fun to do with Ellen. Of course, the goal of the segment is to show parents how to make learning fun… and what could be more fun than 50 gallons of Insta-Snow erupting on the set?

Now this doesn’t mean that I’m automatically on the show… they’re just interested. So, what cool science demos should I pitch to the producers at the Ellen Show?