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Room Rates Lowered at the Millenium Hotel

I hope everyone is doing well and I know that you all have Alaska on your mind as your school years probably come to a close. In my constant struggle to get the best possible deal for everyone I contacted the Millennium Hotel to re-negotiate the room rates that we currently have. I had been noticing a lowering trend in room rates with the current economy and felt that since our price was offered close to a year ago that it would be worth it to ask. The Millennium Hotel has graciously agreed to modify our contract and lower each room rate down to $199.00 per night plus taxes. Your confirmation numbers are all the same so I will not be sending out any more paperwork for you to put in your piles. Just make a mental note that you will have a little more money in your pocket for souvenirs.

Millennium Hotel Payment

I have asked the Millennium Hotel if they would allow payment for the hotel room to be prepaid by a 3rd party (like your school) and they have given me a credit card authorization form that you can use for that purpose.  If the school that you are representing has agreed to pay for your trip and they would like to pay for the hotel with their credit card please let me know and I will forward the authorization form to you so they can set up payment by your school’s credit card.

Please contact Gina with any further questions.

Are You In Need of Any Special Services From Carnival?

What are “Special Services”?  They are any medical conditions or dietary needs that Carnival should be aware of in order to keep you happy and healthy on your cruise.  Medical conditions are, for example, those that require refrigerated storage of medication, need for a sharps container for needles, CPAP machine, etc.  Dietary needs are those such as gluten free, peanut allergy, etc.

Special Service requests need to be communicated to Gina by May 11, 2009.