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Spangler Science Ambassador Makes a Huge Mess in Minnesota!

Ambassador Workshop

Once a year, Education students at Northwestern University, in Minnesota, get the opportunity to make a huge mess and learn a lot about making teaching exciting along the way.  Spangler Science Ambassador, Lisa Schoneman normally teaches Kindergarten at Halverson Elementary in Albert Lea, Minnesota… but once a year she packs up her science tricks and heads to Northwestern to give pre-service teachers a chance to learn how to be amazing.

“The teachers get really excited about learning and usually bring what they learn from the workshop into the classroom and share the ideas with their cooperative teachers, where they are completing their field hours,”  says Schoneman about her workshops.

This year, the university students learned about everything from color mixing to that infamous Mentos and Diet Coke Geyser.  And, yes, they made a huge mess… but had a lot of fun… in the process.

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Shake-up Bottle

Pearl Swirl BottleHere’s an idea from one of our Minnesota Hands-on Science Ambassadors, Lisa Schoneman, using Pearl Swirl Solution:

I use pearl swirl to make behavior bottles. I shake the bottle up and put it on the table near the “Take a Break” chair (time out). I tell them they need to sit there until the bottle has stopped moving and then they can either come back to the group and join us, if they are or they can shake the bottle one more time. When they are done with the bottle they are ready to join us back in the group.