Staff Spotlight on Copy Editor Debbie Leibold

Q: Tell us a little about who you are… A: Let's see... I'm definitely not a scientist, I'm not in a band, I'm not an ultra-creative graphic designer, I'm not on Ellen, I haven't been featured on YouTube, I rarely blow things up.  My life is pretty boring compared to some of the people I work with. I'm a mom, wife, dog [...]

Mentos Geyser Car – 12 Days of Wonder

By Blog Editor Susan Wells We have reached Day #9 in our 12 Days of Wonder. Today's spotlight science toy is Geyser Car. Steve Spangler Science is celebrating the 12 Days of Wonder and highlighting our top 12 science toys and kits that are perfect to put under the tree. As blog editor, social media coordinator and mom of two budding scientists, I [...]

Are Some Science Educators Playing with Fire? When Does Sharing an Experiment Cross a Line?

By Blog Editor Susan Wells I am frustrated. As our children grow up, they want to experiment. Explore. Discover. The internet is a wonderful tool to use in their education and growing independence. Growing up, I had to use encyclopedias, libraries, books. Now, everything is at our children's fingertips. We all know dangers exist on the internet. Today's kids have to [...]

Mentos Geyser Explodes on Photography Blog

In our continuing quest to find interesting blogs and bloggers, we ran into Leah Simmers Photography Blog, where she was capturing her experience with Mentos and Diet Coke. Thanks to Leah for letting us share some her unique geyser pictures here. Check out Leah's full blog post here. And yes, that is the Geyser Tube she's using to [...]

Kentucky Students Set New MENTOS Geyser Record

Not to be out-done by Europeans, students at Male High School in Louisville, KY, set off 300 more geysers than the previous record-breaking effort just a few months ago in Belgium. School officials thought exploding Diet Coke and MENTOS would be a great way for students to blow off a little steam before finals and celebrate a great school year. The [...]

Geysers Galore – 700 Learning Experiences at NAEYC

The Mentos Geyser made history once again as the star attraction at the NAEYC 2006 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the rumble of the crowd in the exhibit hall, you could hear someone from the Spangler Science booth yell, "GEYSER!" followed by a few screams and cheers of excitement. The "geyser" was actually the eruption of a two-liter bottle of Diet [...]

Grandma and Grandson Take Mentos to New Heights

I recently received an email from Mimi Sylvia and her grandson Scott. Mimi (she has been called that since her oldest granddaughter tried to say "grandma" and it came out "mimi") loves to teach science to her 10 grandkids and says she doesn't plan on growing up herself anytime soon. Every summer, Mimi Sylvia and her husband travel to Montana to visit [...]

EepyBird Guys Take Their Show on the Road

Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, the Eepybird guys who turned the Mentos and Diet Coke experiment into art are jumping from the Internet to the mainstream media. They appeared on David Letterman last Thursday night and on the "Today Show" Friday morning. They demonstrated their version of the Bellagio Fountains done with Mentos and Diet Coke on both shows. Their video went viral [...]

Orchestrated Chaos: A Mentos Tribute to

I was in Talkeetna, Alaska when I received a call from my television producer. "Have you seen the Mentos video yet?" I asked which one she was referring to and she said, "The one with the two guys and 102 bottles of Diet Coke." I quietly snuck out of the hotel room with my laptop - I was on a mission [...]