Upside-Down Tomatoes a Big Hit in Indiana

We love it when people read our blog, try the cool and funky things we suggest, have tons of fun doing it, and SUCCEED! Mamacita of Scheiss Weekly tried our Upside-Down Tomatoes and so far, it's been a BIG HIT out there in southern Indiana. We might suggest that she find a better place to put that sharp box cutter, though. Watch [...]

Henny Penny Preschool has a Blast with Science!

There is a waiting list for parents who want to enroll their children in the Henny Penny Preschool, and there is a good reason for that: Amy Dolley has created one of the best preschool environments I’ve ever seen! Amy doesn’t even have to advertise... word of mouth is what sells the Henny Penny Preschool. Amy wasn’t comfortable with the kind of [...]