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Leprechauns Beware: Beautiful Trap Ahead

Ann and her granddaughter shared their leprechaun trap with us earlier this week. They used our leprechaun trap as inspiration but “made it more girly.” Instead of PVC pipe, they made a tree from branches with green glitter and added green Lucky Charms for leaves. The bait is also Lucky Charms Double Clover Leaf edition. When the leprechaun tries to steal the Lucky Charms, the trap will spring. The trap is cleverly disguised in a pot of gold. The pot has a hole on the bottom and will cover the leprechaun and trap it inside.

We haven’t heard if the trap was successful overnight.

Did you try to capture a leprechaun? What kind of trap did you build and what did you use for bait?

Update: Ann and her granddaughter Makayla gave us an update on how their trap fared  – “Unfortunately, the leprechaun escaped today. He left us a note saying good try & better luck next year. Those leprechauns are pretty tricky. Ours sprung all the traps in the classroom & left green footprints everywhere!”

Build a Trap, Catch a Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day eve. The day when children and adults alike put the finishing touches on their leprechaun traps.

Catching a leprechaun is tricky business. They are very sneaky and don’t play fair, so no one has ever caught a leprechaun.


My boys and I build a leprechaun trap every year to try and catch these dastardly creatures.

In building a leprechaun trap, you need to start with bait. Lucky Charms cereal is always good, or gold pennies or gold water. Rainbows and anything shiny are also a good draw. Make sure your trap is rigged to come down fast on the little guys.

If you are lucky, the leprechaun will leave behind green snow or eggs or even worms. If you are off the charts lucky, you will have the little devil inside your trap come St. Patrick’s Day morning.

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Science Secrets of Leprechauns Revealed

Next to Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite holiday of mine. From the first year the leprechauns turned our water green, I have worked hard to uncover the secrets of the leprechauns.

My crack team of Leprechaun Specialists have discovered how the sneaky little guys turn water and snow green, lay eggs and uncover hidden rainbows.

The leprechaun science doesn’t end there. Leprechauns maybe small, but they eat large sandwiches. The secret is in an inflatable eight-foot sandwich bag that is blown up with only one breath. They also make jewelry out of leprechaun beads that change color in the sunlight.

Don’t forget to build your leprechaun trap this year and fish for leprechauns using green worms.

You can win your own Leprechaun Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science and Mile High Mamas >

We’d love to hear about your leprechaun tricks and traps. Please leave us a comment about how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Leprechaun Antics Lead to a Geek Dad Honor

Is geek status now cool? I guess it depends on who you ask. But Todd Bailey at WIRED seemed to like the Leprechaun trap and the green water trick – totally freaked out my kids when they turned on the faucet and the water came out green. Read the story. Maybe I should send Geek Dad my latest weekend adventure – how to vacuum pack the kids using a reverse engineered ShopVac and a big bag. On second thought, the lawyers might get their panties in a bunch.


Leprechauns Strike Again with Green Water

LeprechaunWaterI will never forget St. Patrick's Day 2006. This morning I woke to the screams of our almost four year old twins, Mark and Scott.

"Daddy, wake up! Look at what those Leprechauns did," yelled Scott. I jumped out of bed to find the twins picking up green and gold coins that peppered the living room floor. Traces of gold dust covered the counter top, and a glass of water that was left next to the sink was now green. By this time, our seven year old, Jack, was scouring the house in search of more evidence of Leprechauns.

"Mom! Dad! Bring the boys here. Look at what I found in the toilet," screamed Jack.

You guessed it… the toilet water was green. This was sufficient evidence for the twins that our home had been visited by Leprechauns – they took the bait hook, line and sinker. As I glanced over at Jack, I could see his wheels were spinning. While he never said anything out loud, his facial expression told me that he wasn't buying this whole Leprechaun thing.

"What do you think about those Leprechauns?" I asked. "Oh, it's pretty cool," Jack replied. Then he whispered to me, "Daddy… I kind of know that Mommy just colored the water with food coloring."

For the first time as a parent I felt his disappointment. He wanted so badly to believe, but his ability to think and reason was getting in the way of him believing in Leprechauns. My little boy was growing up – figuring things out – becoming wise to the ways of the world. In the mean time, Jack's brothers were caught up in the frenzy, searching each toilet and sink for more green water. In a split second I had to respond. Continue reading Leprechauns Strike Again with Green Water