Altitude Awareness in the Mile High City

Denver is the Mile High City... that means those of you traveling from lower elevations might notice a little less oxygen at 5280 ft than what you are used to. Although not a large risk, some people traveling from lower elevations can have trouble with altitude sickness at this elevation. Some tips for avoiding altitude sickness are... Drink LOTS of [...]

What to Expect for the Denver Climate

Denver has mild summers with dry heat & manageable, but sometimes unpredictable, temperatures. The best way to plan for Denver weather is to dress in layers. Some recommendations would be to bring a light jacket or sweater for the evenings & a light rain jacket or umbrella for afternoon storms. There can be a difference of as much as 30 degrees [...]

More than One Spangler? The Science Ambassador Program

It's just part of being a speaker... strange things happen while you're on the road. I recently presented a full-day science training for teachers in the Chicago area when a lady approached me just prior to the start of the workshop. She wanted to know how long I had been speaking for Steve Spangler. I laughed and told her that I [...]

A Look Inside Our Lab on Modern Marvels

The crew from Modern Marvels on the History Channel visited our science lab back in July to play with some really cold science experiments. In other words, the liquid nitrogen was flowing and the onions were exploding! Mark your calendars… Modern Marvels: Deep Freeze will officially be airing on the History Channel on Tuesday, September 25th at 8pm EST.

Exploding Watermelons

I love Halloween. One of my favorite activities is to "carve" pumpkins using a simple reation inside the fruit. First, you carve the face then carefully replace pieces. After creating a reaction by generating a gas inside and igniting it (ask your local chemistry teacher for the details) the face pieces are blown off with a small explosion. Halloween is more than [...]

Young Rocket Scientists Inspired by Homer Hickam

Only a very cool teacher gives this kind of homework to her students... "Using only construction paper and tape, I want you to design a rocket." Lisa Heaton, the Gifted and Talented teacher showed her students a specially designed rocket launcher made out of PVC plumbing parts from the local hardware store. The idea for the PVC rocket launcher comes from [...]

Science in the Rockies: Potatoes Flying Everywhere

We promised that the three days in Denver would be a learning experience, but we never guessed that it would be so much fun. Science in the Rockies set a new record this year with 160 teacher participants representing over 27 states and 5 countries. One reporter called the three day institute a "Mr. Wizard-style" boot camp for teachers. The training [...]