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Fake Blood Recipes – Blend Up Edible Concoctions in Your Kitchen

When I was growing up, my parents had the best recipe for fake blood. It looked so realistic, they sold it to the movie-makers in Hollywood to be used on their sets. Some of the fake blood seen in the movie Jaws was made in my parent’s home in Denver.

That blood was not edible. This recipe uses 100%  food ingredients so your little vampire or zombie can drink up the leftovers. And it looks real. A big complaint about fake blood is that it doesn’t look like real blood. The key is to experiment and test it on your skin or a towel. Fake blood looks different in the mixing bowl versus on your skin so remember to test it.

So don’t go spend $20 on fake blood in the store. Stay home and make your own. For the best fake blood recipes that you can eat, read the experiment.