Exploding Water Experiment Hits Home for Reader

'Tis the season for spending time in the kitchen making those holiday feasts. So, when we were choosing a timely experiment to send in our Experiment of the Week email, we figured that Exploding Water in the Microwave was a great choice to make sure everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  Our choice was affirmed when a reader took the [...]

Science Experiment Receives Lots of Feedback

A few weeks ago on my 9News segment I featured a Seven-Layer Density column. It's a colorful way to talk about density in the classroom. Well... we thought we had all of our facts straight, but when we inadvertently put in the experiment write-up that oil and water don't mix because they have different densities, my email box was [...]

Nature Sun Print Paper and Blueprints on Fabric Experiment

When the summer sun comes around, my boys love making pictures with these light-sensitive materials.  The Nature Print Paper is a fun and easy way to make a "photograph" of your favorite objects using the power of the sun.  When we are ready to take it to the next level, we break out the Blueprints on Fabric and make our own [...]

Experiment of the Week Travels to Germany

It’s great to get your e-mails and photos of your children and students doing the science activities featured in our Experiment of the Week. These photos are from Sheila Allen, just one of a number of great teachers in the Department of Defense Schools at Ramstein AFB in Germany. Sheila writes... “Well today was the big day and boy did the children [...]

Make Your Own Lava Lamp – Bubbling Potions

I always love the opportunity to share some of my favorite inexpensive science experiments.  One of our favorites at the Spangler Science offices is making your own "lava lamp."  We take this one on the road, and it's always a hit with teachers looking for unique, budget-friendly projects.  Just add take a Baby Soda Bottle test tube, a True Colors tablet [...]

Experiment of the Week Goes To Hong Kong

Suzi Wong Swint bought a heating pad in Hong Kong and realized, when she got it home, that the instructions were in Chinese! Fortunately, she remembered what to do to activate the gel and heat the pad, thanks to the Experiment of the Week. “Thanks to your newsletter I realized that the small metal disc floating in the supersaturated solution needed [...]

Win a Hundred Bucks Worth of Science Coolness

Have I mentioned that if you do sign up for the Experiment of the Week, you'll be eligible for our weekly drawing? Oh, and the Spangler team doesn't believe in wimpy gifts. That's why the winner of our weekly drawing gets a $100 gift certificate to SteveSpanglerScience.com If you already receive our weekly science experiments and cool videos, thanks for subscribing (and [...]

Sign-up for the Experiment of the Week

Hey, you know, just because schools's almost out doesn't mean your kid's interest in science is over! The Experiment of the Week can keep the kids interested, motivated, and busy during the summer, too! More than a million television viewers tune in each week to see what science activity is in the spotlight - now you can watch the streaming [...]