What are the Rules for Checked Baggage?

The key to making this trip as hassle free as possible is to pack lightly. Last summer, all of the major U.S airlines implemented a fee for checked baggage.  The airlines are allowing 1 carry-on bag and 2 checked bags per passenger.  Passengers are also allowed to carry-on 1 personal item, such as a purse or laptop bag.  The fee for checked [...]

What Will the Temperatures Be On the Cruise?

Temperatures are going to vary but I would guess it will be about 60-65 degrees during the day and probably drop down to 40-45 degrees at night.  The temperature will feel a lot colder when the ship is at sea and when it is floating through Prince William Sound and College Fjord.  When you are on land it will feel warmer.

More Information for Packing and Dress Code

What will I need to wear on an Alaskan Cruise? Casual attire is the order of the day.  The key to staying comfortable on an Alaska cruise is dressing in layers. Wear something like a thin, long sleeved shirt (or even a short sleeved shirt) under a sweatshirt or sweater, and bring a waterproof windbreaker or raincoat to wear over everything. Gloves [...]

A Must: Pre-Cruise Registration

The US Border Security Act now requires that all passengers pre-register for their cruises.  This is a different (and additional) process than just signing up and/or paying a deposit. Carnival's pre-registration process is called FUNPASS!  To pre-register, please go on-line to <a href="http://www.carnival.com/mycruise">Carnival.com</a> and click on the FUNPASS icon.  You will need your Carnival booking number, ship name and sail date (all [...]

I’m at Anchorage International Airport and I’m Staying at the Millennium…Now What?

When you arrive at the Anchorage International Airport: Claim your luggage first Call the Millennium using the courtesy phones located in the airport (or save this number to your cell phone:  907-243-2300), or you can push the Millennium button on the kiosk located in the baggage claim area The Millennium hotel operator will give instructions on where to stand to be picked up The Millennium [...]

What About Motion Sickness?

Today's ships are built to combat, as much as possible, the causes of motion sickness.  In my personal cruise experiences, you will truly be hard-pressed to even know you are on a floating vessel!! Having said that, very rarely, people do experience motion sickness if the ship encounters really, really rough seas.  And again, from personal experience (although not cruise-related) motion sickness [...]

What's the Most Important Thing to Carry on the Ship?

Sail and Sign is Carnival's cashless onboard credit program which allows you to charge purchases directly to your personal account for convenience throughout the cruise.   Its actually quite handy! Registration for this card will take place on June 16th at sign in.  The completed application form (included in the cruise documents) must be submitted along with a 1) credit card, 2) U.S. [...]

Get Comfy!

As you know, Gina will contract with a limo company to transfer Science At Sea from the Millennium Hotel to the Spirit.  That cost is yet to be determined, but keep in mind that the trip is about 2 hours long and it involves a very unique toll tunnel (and stunning scenery)!  Board the busses from the Millennium with your cameras [...]