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Steve is Headed Back to The Ellen DeGeneres Show

We are all excited to see Steve Spangler make his 13th appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. He will be a guest on the Wednesday, February 29th Leap Day show.

Steve has been working tirelessly the past few weeks to put together some fun and explosive demonstrations to do with Ellen. We can’t tell you what he has planned, but promise it will bring out a lot of oohs and ahhs from the audience and Ellen herself. In past appearances, he has made giant Elephant’s Toothpaste, blown hundreds of ping pong balls across the stage, walked across a pool of corn starch, laid Ellen across a bed of nails and shot smoke rings across the studio. You can watch all of Steve’s appearances on SteveSpanglerScience.com.

What will he do this time? Check your local listings and tune in Wednesday to find out.

Best of Spangler Science 2009

It’s been quite a year for us at Steve Spangler Science… in fact, when the year starts out with 50 off your closest friends helping you wish Ellen DeGeneres a Happy Birthday, you know big things are in store.  Whether we were letting fans ride on the infamous Bed of Nails at NAEYC 2009 or launching trash cans with a police force audience, we can guarantee that 2009 was never boring.  We’ve compiled some of our favorite highlights from the year, so feel free to browse through them and go back with us as we reminisce about our favorite moments from 2009… can you imagine what 2010 has in store?

ellen-birthday-12-30-09Happy Birthday Ellen!

Our 2009 Boot Camp tour kicks off in Oklahoma City, with a great group of teachers.

Our team stormed Toy Fair and set off a few geysers in the process.

Steve Spangler Science Jelly Marbles were featured on the prime-time hit series Numb3rs.

I debuted what would become one of our most requested experiments… Laminar Flow.

The face of our Insta-Snow product, Arianne Heaton, headed to college, years after she was my student at Willow Creek Elementary.

I spoke to an awesome group of teachers at the Junior League of Greater Princeton.

I was honored to have the amazing opportunity to visit Ireland and present a seminar for the Irish Science Teacher’s Association.

My St. Patrick’s Day festivities earned me a (prestigious?) Geek Dad Honor.

We debuted our Experiment of the Week widget for fans and friends to post on their blogs and the downloads haven’t stopped since!

I had the opportunity to let Ellen DeGeneres ride the Bed of Nails on my March appearance on Ellen’s show.

We honored some amazing teachers when we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Month at SteveSpanglerScience.com.

We enlisted an unexpected “audience” when our Flying Trash Can experiments brought the police to our offices.

I am proud to say that we won two Multi-Chanel Merchant awards, including Best Website of the Year.

We received a Guinness World Record and educated over 5,000 students with our first annual Weather and Science Day at Coor’s Field.

We took our teacher training experience to a whole new level with our first-ever Science at Sea program.

In conjunction with Klutz Press, we launched a new book, Boom Splat Kablooey!, and a new depth charge for our Geyser Tube.

I had the chance to spend some time with the Evolution of Dance guy, Judson Laipply, and record one really cool video.

I took on the media hype and helped 9News determine if the “Balloon Boy” balloon could have lifted the weight of a small child.

We launched one of my favorite products at SteveSpanglerScience.com this year… Film Canister Rockets!

After the huge success of the Bed of Nails on the Ellen DeGeneres show, we decided to bring the experience to the teachers at NAEYC 2009.

I had the opportunity to speak to a great group of teachers at the Reach Them to Teach Them conference.

Our Spangler Science team pulled off a surprise assembly for some deserving kids in the community… and taught them how to make “snow.”

My son, Jack, tackled that age-old question, “Is double-dipping your chip as bad as licking the whole bowl?”

We debuted another line of educational toys in conjunction with SONIC restaurants.

I Survived the Bed of Nails T-Shirt

Over 750 people experienced the Bed of Nails demo at our booth at NAEYC this year… and some of the really excited people took home the t-shirt.

NAEYC-ShirtDo you think the holes in the back are too much? No way… especially if you have a specially rigged shirt that springs a leak. Thanks to Brian Firooz for wearing the leaking shirt and drinking gallons and gallons of water over the course of the three-day conference.


The Big NAEYC 2009 Experiment Revealed – Bed of Nails

Have you guessed what our surprise experiment might be yet? Let me give you one more clue… it just arrived at NAEYC – forklift and all – and it has 4,500 sharp nails, all staring up at us, waiting for the first victim… um, guest of the day. Just in case you still don’t know, here’s a picture to help you out.

That’s right… it’s our giant bed of nails from the Ellen Degeneres Show!  And guess what?  Just stop by our booth at NAEYC and we’ll take your picture on the bed of nails and even give you a personalized nametag with your photo on it for free!  We can’t wait to see everyone there.

Who Needs Hands-on Science When You Can Have Bodies on Science

bed-of-nails-NAEYCWe’re calling it a full body on science experience with our Bed of Nails demo at the NAEYC annual conference in Washington D.C. Teachers from all over the country (actually the world) come to NAEYC to learn the latest strategies and methods to get children excited and motivated to learn… especially when it comes to science. Our science island (as it was called) in the exhibit hall featured more than 50 cool science toys and hands-on science activities teachers could share with their children. This year we wanted to share something special with the teachers… something they would remember for years to come. Let’s turn hands-on science into a full body experience using the coolest Bed of Nails demonstration we’ve ever seen.

We want to thank Sherry Marshall from the Science Museum Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Museum Network for allowing us to share their motorized Bed of Nails demonstration with the participants at the NAEYC 2009 annual conference.


I first fell in love with this Bed of Nails when the producers at the Ellen DeGeneres Show asked me to find a safe way for Ellen to do the Bed of Nails demonstration. The experts at Hands-on! Inc. had just the piece of equipment we needed. As you can see in the video, this is no ordinary Bed of Nails. With a push of a button, nearly 5,000 nails raise up from the table top and lift a person weighing up to 300 pounds. The creativity and craftsmanship behind this exhibit makes it world class.

Each person at the NAEYC conference who visited the Steve Spangler Science booth and experienced the Bed of Nails had their picture taken at the moment the nails made contact with their body and lifted them a few inches above the surface of the table. Their WOW! memory was captured and turned into a new name tag – a nice way to remember the experience. And teachers weren’t the only ones climbing onto the Bed of Nails. In the midst of clean-up, even the union guys and security guards took turns on the “nail ride” as it was called. It’s easy to bring out the kid in all of us… when you have a motorized Bed of Nails and someone with a persuasive gift of gab.

bed-of-nails-carl IMG_0311 IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0324 IMG_0323 IMG_0318 IMG_0321 bed-of-nails-NAEYC