Comet Pan-STARRS Makes Bright Appearances in Night Sky

Grab your camera and a snack, the night sky will put on a spectacular show throughout March. The comet, Pan-STARRS is visible without a telescope and will make regular appearances in the Northern Hemisphere throughout the month. It was named after the Hawaiian telescope (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) where it was discovered in 2011. It is believed that it will [...]

Annular Solar Eclipse This Weekend – Share Your Photos With Us

By Blog Editor, Susan Wells Don't fear the werewolves and vampires this weekend. An annular eclipse will make it's way across the western United States. This Sunday, May 20th in the late afternoon, an annular eclipse of the sun will be visible to the United States and a narrow path across the northern Hemisphere. A partial eclipse will be visible in East Asia, [...]

Alex… Astronomy and Music For $200

Someday you might be invited to compete on Jepoardy and you'll thank our trust blog contributors for this nerdy information. Did you know that a musician named Gustav Holst was so fascinated by astronomy that he wrote several pieces of classical music about planets? In fact, he wrote music for all of the planets except Earth and Pluto. Why was Pluto [...]