Science in the Rockies Day 2

We are settling into our routine and getting to know the amazing teachers from across the country and world who have traveled to Denver to learn how to bring more science into their classrooms. Day 1 of Science in the Rockies was too fun. We explored the properties of air and even vacuum packed a few teachers for ultimate freshness. We [...]

The Secret to Releasing the Genie in the Bottle

The Genie in the Bottle experiment is a special effects secret used by the movie industry. It's not really a secret, it's science. **This experiment is not intended to do at home. Your chemistry teacher is a great resource to demonstrate this reaction. The hydrogen peroxide used is 30% and can irritate the eyes and throat. This experiment uses two compounds - [...]

Earth's Sunset is Spectacular but Not Rare from Space

This amazing photo of the sunset over the Indian Ocean comes from NASA and the Earth Observatory. The picture was taken by the Expedition 23 crew onboard the International Space Station. None of us on Earth will ever be able to witness a sunset like this. In the picture, you can see the curve of the Earth along with several layers of [...]

Curious Jane Science Detectives Find the Fun in Learning

Curious Jane Camps are powered by girls. Or maybe they just run on girl power. Founder Samantha Razook Murphy, launched the all-girls camps last summer to encourage girls to explore the world around them. The camps are available in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia and Naples, Florida. Curious Jane offers a wide variety of after-school and summer camps ranging from toy [...]

Take the Kids Outside for the Great American Backyard Campout

Pack the tent, the cooler and the bug spray and take the kids out for the Great American Backyard Campout on June 26th. The campout, in its fifth year, is sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation. The location of your campsite isn't as important as the family time spent connecting and enjoying the great outdoors. Camp in your backyard or at a [...]

New Bubble Exhibit Encourages Engaging in Science

Everyone knows I love bubbles. But then again, who doesn’t love blowing and popping bubbles? For those who love bubbles, a new exhibit at the Denver Children’s Museum is for you.  The hands-on Bubbles Playscape is for guests of all ages. Even parents can’t help but get their hands soapy along with their kids. Play with bubbles and water vapor, pop vapor-filled bubbles [...]

Alka-Seltzer and Water in Microgravity – Amazing Results!

We all know what happens when water mixes with Alka-Seltzer in a film canister… the build up of carbon dioxide bubbles is powerful enough to pop the cap. But what would happen if there was no film canister and the Alka-Seltzer and water mixed in mid-air? Sounds crazy, but this video of Alka-Seltzer mixing with a big sphere of water in [...]