A Twist on an Old Favorite – Screaming Ghost Balloons

We love to see a twist or a new idea for one of our experiments and activities. One of our favorite bloggers Janelle at Brimful Curiousities, shared this idea on her blog. We loved it so much, we want to share it with our readers... Janelle took our Screaming Balloon activity one step further and made ghosts with the balloons. First, she [...]

Television Secret #147 – Smart, Cute Kids Make Any Segment GREAT!

One of my favorite parts of hosting Science Mondays on KUSA-TV 9News is having guest helpers... and yesterday was no exception. I spent the afternoon with Sophie (6th grader) and Makayla (4th grader) as we experimented with different versions of the Bubbling Lava Lamp experiment. Since this is live television, there's no retakes or do-overs, as they call them. As you'll see [...]

Caring Strategies Summer Camp Uses Energy Beads to Teach Power of Sun

The Caring Strategies Summer Camp in Louisiana, held a science summer camp this year. Caring Strategies is a non-profit center that holds trainings, camps and events throughout the year for children. Among the activities and lessons taught in science camp this summer, the children learned about UV rays, the power of sunlight and the need to use sunscreen. Each student made a [...]

Mom Creates Mad Scientist Birthday Party Celebration

Self-proclaimed Mad Scientist Lab Coordinator and all around amazing mom Cara went above and beyond in planning her son Thomas’s 6-year-old birthday party this year. Cara created a “secret lab” at her church. All attendees were given safety goggles & disposable lab coats (purchased from a medical supply store). Thirty children, ages ranging from 4-7 years old, performed three experiments. They began their [...]

Back to School Activities to Team Build & Welcome Them Back

It's August and that means one thing for parents, children and teachers - back to school time. The parents are ready to shoo the kids out the door but the kids may or may not be excited about starting back up. Teachers are back in the classrooms prepping and planning and ready to meet their new students. Back to school is an [...]

Mad About Science – The Science of Propane

Mad About Science™ salutes the propane scientists at AmeriGas, the nation's largest supplier of propane tanks and cylinders. Greg Rice and Chris Selepec from AmeriGas demonstrated the science behind propane tanks and explained propane tank safety at their facility in Commerce City, Colorado. Greg and Chris demonstrated that propane is both a gas and a liquid. It is a colorless and odorless [...]

The Bubbles that Bond – Soapy Family Ties

Stacy Ratel and her children love bubbles. Really love bubbles. On lazy summer days, Stacy and her two children are constantly moving from activity to activity. When the weather is just right - muggy, just before a rain with little to no sun - she brings out the bubble solution. The Ratels are serious about their bubbles. They don't make small, round, boring [...]

Students Plant Trees, Learn About Nutrition and the Environment

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) and the Stretch Island Fruit Company brought their mission to the Denver School of Science and Technology and Kepner Middle School in Denver at the end of June this summer. The program, with the help of students and teachers, planted 75 fruit trees and shrubs between the schools including apple, plum, cherry, peach, pear and apricot [...]

Homeschooling Mom Gives a Twist to Do Not Open Bottle Experiment

Leah is a homeschooling mom of six. She blogs about her experiences as a homeschooling mom on her blog, Almost Unschoolers. On the blog, she has a feature called "Sunday Science." She recently posted about making a Do Not Open Bottle but using it in the garden. I love it when someone expands upon an experiment and makes it their own. If [...]

Science in the Rockies – It's a Wrap

Our final day of activities began with a television appearance on the local Denver NBC affiliate. We also used a barbie doll to demonstrate an electricity loop and found iron in our cereal. We also enjoyed a demonstration by the always entertaining Doug Hodous. As Science in the Rockies 2010 draws to a close, we'd like to thank all of the teachers [...]