Not Your Typical Mentos Geyser Video

There are literally thousands of online videos featuring the Mentos Geyser experiment, but this video is worth a few minutes of your time. It's a first-class video produced by Mr. Delos Santos and his third grade class at Stone Ranch Elementary in San Diego, California. Mr. Santos says that the project first started out as just a science experiment for the unit [...]

Boot Camp Update – Dedicated Teachers in Pittsburgh Area

We just wrapped up the final leg of our teacher boot camp tour with workshops in Pittsburgh and New York. While everyone on the team is exhausted, the one thing that keeps the energy high is meeting other teachers who are truly making a difference. I met teachers in both cities who paid to come to boot camp on their own [...]

Teachers Appreciate Messy Gifts!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4 - 10, and the actual Teacher Appreciation DAY is May 6th! These dates are nearly upon us, and it's time to be thinking about what kind of appreciation you want to show your children's teachers. Let me give you a few hints: Your child's teacher already has enough mugs, pins, Christmas ornaments, knick-knacks, [...]

El Centro Teachers Hooked on Science

Imagine a room filled with 183 energetic early childhood teachers and you'll know how fortunate I was to present our Hands-on Science Secrets workshop in El Centro, California. Heather Vessey-Garcia worked for almost a year to plan every detail of the event... down to lightning fast on-site registration and a killer lunch (always important when teachers are showing up on a [...]

Burnout, Building Blocks, and Wings

Most teachers feel, at one point or another in their careers, the dreaded BURNOUT.You may not even know you’re suffering from burn-out until it’s too late, so it’s important to keep a close eye on your own attitude and health.Teachers aren’t used to keeping watch over themselves, but we are just as important as our students and our families! In the Jan-Feb [...]

More than One Spangler? The Science Ambassador Program

It's just part of being a speaker... strange things happen while you're on the road. I recently presented a full-day science training for teachers in the Chicago area when a lady approached me just prior to the start of the workshop. She wanted to know how long I had been speaking for Steve Spangler. I laughed and told her that I [...]