Doc Gizmo Shares Science with a Message at the Colorado Science Convention

It was easy to spot Doc Gizmo as you wandered through the exhibit hall at the Colorado Science Convention. He was the only person dressed in a tie-dyed lab coat with multi-colored socks and a smile that beamed from ear to ear. Even before watching his program, there was no question that this guy had found his calling. Doc Gizmo, whose real [...]

Mentos Geyser Used to Launch Beaker 20 Feet

It was quite a week for our Spangler Science team when we invaded Texas with 24 staff members and Spangler Ambassadors. Half the team headed to Fort Worth for CAST (the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching) and half the team went to Dallas for NAEYC ( the National Association for the Education of Young Children). While our NAEYC team [...]

Spangler Science Ambassador Makes a Huge Mess in Minnesota!

Once a year, Education students at Northwestern University, in Minnesota, get the opportunity to make a huge mess and learn a lot about making teaching exciting along the way.  Spangler Science Ambassador, Lisa Schoneman normally teaches Kindergarten at Halverson Elementary in Albert Lea, Minnesota... but once a year she packs up her science tricks and heads to Northwestern to give pre-service [...]

Tom Andrews is Mad About Science

Any teacher who can inspire a group of students to get up at 4:30 AM in order to be on live television is an amazing person. But it didn't take long to see why his students like him so much... "He's just a cool teacher who makes coming to class fun," says one of his students as she launches a rubber [...]

More Giant Soap Bubbles – Henny Penny Preschool in Action

Giant soap bubbles seem to be sweeping through schools everywhere these days, and our friends at Henny Penny Preschool recently sent us an update with some great shots of their kids in action.  Amy and Craig Dolley are always looking for unique ideas to get their students excited about science and when they saw our giant soap bubbles they knew the [...]

Science "Left Behind" in American Schools

You may have seen the recent commercials showing a child raising flags representing America's standing in school ranking world-wide. I came across an article for the same campaign that shared some striking, but unfortunately not surprising, statistics. According to the "One Nation Left Behind" program, 20 countries outscore the US in science education and 93% of US middle [...]

Cup Cakes For Science

Preparation for standardized testing has taken a lot of the fun out of the classroom, but good teachers will find a way to sneak the fun back in. REALLY good teachers will sneak the fun back in and teach some awesome lessons at the same time! Science teachers frequently say, "I love all the activities you do, like being able to [...]

Contest Winner Makes Summer Camp a Huge Success

When we invited our customers to show us their Summer Science Camps with You Tube videos, Cheryl Purdum when above and beyond the call. Any teacher who is willing to dress up as a Mad Scientist to win a gift certificate to our website clearly deserved that winning title. Cheryl followed up with us later in the summer to let us [...]

Science Experiment Receives Lots of Feedback

A few weeks ago on my 9News segment I featured a Seven-Layer Density column. It's a colorful way to talk about density in the classroom. Well... we thought we had all of our facts straight, but when we inadvertently put in the experiment write-up that oil and water don't mix because they have different densities, my email box was [...]

Henny Penny Preschool has a Blast with Science!

There is a waiting list for parents who want to enroll their children in the Henny Penny Preschool, and there is a good reason for that: Amy Dolley has created one of the best preschool environments I’ve ever seen! Amy doesn’t even have to advertise... word of mouth is what sells the Henny Penny Preschool. Amy wasn’t comfortable with the kind of [...]