Geodes and Diamonds – Backyard Geology

Oh, the memories of geodes!  When I was a little kid, I played a lot in the alley that divided our block in two. All of us kids played in the alley. It gave us access to the back yard of every house in the neighborhood, and it was cool in its own right. Alleys were always lined with sunflowers and hollyhocks. [...]

The Flashing, Color Mixing, One-of-a-Kind White Lightning Stick

By Blog Editor Susan Wells One of the biggest hits of the summer is the White Lightning Stick. On the Fourth of July, we held a small firework show in our front yard with our neighbors. Along with the traditional sparklers and black snakes, we also shot off several film canister rockets and Mentos soda geysers. While the kids were waiting for the [...]

Patriotic Layered Density Drinks for 4th of July

By Blog Editor Susan Wells As you know, all of us at The Spangler Labs enjoy a good liquid density column. Our 9-Layer Density Tower is shared across the internet. It is one of our most popular Pinterest experiment pins. We are always looking for new combinations of liquids to stack (we have a lot of free time). One popular density column found [...]

The Science Behind Fireworks – How Do They Produce the Brilliant Colors and Designs?

By Blog Editor Susan Wells ** This article is strictly for the entertainment and information of our readers. Leave the display fireworks creation, development and launching to the professionals. It is a violation of federal, state and local laws to make or use fireworks without the required permits.  Fireworks are as much a part of the Fourth of July as hot dogs, watermelon and red, [...]

Take a Science Vacation – Summer Learning in Yellowstone National Park

By Blog Editor Susan Wells My family and I visited Yellowstone last week. The girls and I had never been, but my husband had spent a few summers in the Youth Conservation Corps back in his youthful days. I knew Yellowstone was full of geothermal features and a lot of wildlife, but I wasn't prepared for just how much science abounds in [...]

Zipwire Science – A Lesson in Gravity and Friction

 By Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art We do love to have FUN in our house and we love nothing more than a bit of PLAY. The best part about play however, is that you are learning WHILST having fun. But I am sure I am “preaching to the converted.” A few weeks ago, we decided to put up a little Superhero Zipwire in our [...]

Prevent Summer Learning Loss by Keeping It Fun

By Blog Editor Susan Wells For parents who want to encourage their kids to stay on top of their studies without cramming books and lessons down their throats, here are a few ideas to keep their minds strong over the summer. Science Start with the Steve Spangler Science Summer Science Experiment Guide for tons of ideas for amazing science experiments. Check out an astronomy program [...]

Kids Lose Up to Two Months of Skills – Keep Them Learning All Summer Long

By Blog Editor Susan Wells Kids look forward to it, while their parents and teachers are concerned about it. It's summer learning loss - the buzz phrase that describes what happens when kids aren't in class for two to three months over the summer. According to the National Summer Learning Association, most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math. [...]

Colorful Dissolving Candy Kitchen Science

By Blog Editor Susan Wells  There are several classic candy experiments making the rounds on the Internet, so I thought I'd try a few with the kids to see if they really worked. Dissolving Gobstopper Experiment First, we tried the Gobstopper experiment. This one is perfect for budding scientists who like to guess or hypothesize about what will happen before you start. Gobstoppers have [...]

Candy Science – What's Inside a Piece of Candy?

By Blog Editor Susan Wells I don't always encourage my kids to play with their food, but sometimes it's necessary to see just what is inside. We went to the store. My girls don't get a lot of candy, except maybe at Halloween and Easter, so spending a little time in the candy aisle was a real treat. We decided to try out a [...]