HerWorld Conference Encourages Young Women in Science and Technology

I was invited to speak at this year's HerWorld 2010 Conference put on by DeVry University in Denver. HerWorld is a conference for high school junior and senior young women interested in science and technology. It supports STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and exposes students to career opportunities in those fields. They participate in games, hands-on projects like building robots [...]

Naked Eggs & Flying Potatoes Book Signing at Costco

Meet Steve Spangler and buy his new book, Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes this Saturday, December 11th at the River Point Costco on Santa Fe Drive and Oxford in Englewood, Colorado. Steve will be signing books from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Naked Eggs & Flying Potatoes This is not your ordinary book of science experiments. Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes is a geek-chic look [...]

Spangler Uses Cool Science Demos at NAEYC Conference to Share His Passion for Teaching Science

Contributed by Guest Blogger, Nancy Leemer I remember coming to the NAEYC Conference years ago and watching Steve Spangler present his hands-on science activities to a room of 50 or so early childhood educators, but those days are long gone. That intimate workshop experience in the past has given way to a ballroom packed with a few thousand teachers who are wondering [...]

DIY Disaster House – Can Steve Spangler Help Josh Temple Destroy a Bathroom Sink?

We've learned that our office calendar is just a mere suggestion of what might actually happen during the week. Take today, for example. This morning started out as just as any normal Wednesday begins with one exception... the producers from Disaster House on the DIY Network called with a tiny request. "This is Chad and I was wondering if you could help [...]

Science at Sea – Cruise to Alaska with Steve Spangler Science

You read it correctly - we are taking the Steve Spangler Science experience to the high seas for one week in 2011 with Holland America Cruise lines for Science at Sea 2011. This is our second field trip to Alaska. In 2009, we set sail led by an award-winning group of naturalists and traveled from Anchorage along the inside passage to Vancouver, [...]

Come Party with Steve Spangler Science and UVSkinz

Come party with Steve Spangler Science and UV Skinz Tuesday, July 27th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PST and learn about the myths and truths of renewable solar energy. You will also have a chance to win some fabulous prizes during the party. We will be using hastag #spangler and also have a special tweetgrid set up for the party. During the party we will be asking you [...]

Join Us for a Twitter Party Hosted by UV Skinz

Come party with Steve Spangler Science and UV Skinz Tuesday, June 29th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PST and learn about the myths and truths of sun protection. You will also have a chance to win some fabulous prizes during the party. We will be using hastag #uvskinz and also have a special tweetgrid (http://is.gd/d7Zgh) set up for the party. The link will [...]

Forget Baseballs, the Colorado Rockies Warm Up with Limes

After last year's Science and Weather Day at Coors Field, the Colorado Rockies outfielders asked me to give them more of a challenge for a warm-up before the game. Last year, pitcher Jeff Francis and I launched potatoes with tricked out potato launchers. We shot the potatoes into the outfield. For Science and Weather Day 2010, we will launch limes with our [...]

The Egg Drop Challenge Comes to Coors Field

A popular activity for teachers each year is the "egg drop." Each student gets an egg and some guidelines to make a container that will protect the egg and keep it from breaking when it is dropped from high in the air. The teacher usually perches herself high atop the roof of the school and tosses the contraptions the kids have come [...]