Skewer Through the Balloon Experiment Surprises Weathercaster

For this experiment, we traded fire extinguishers, exploding toothpaste and liquid nitrogen for balloons and cooking skewers...not an explosive experiment at all. Then why was Becky Ditchfield so nervous? It's so simple. Blow up a balloon and tie off the bottom. Then take a cooking skewer and stick it through the balloon. Impossible? Not if you have a little patience and know [...]

Soap in the Microwave – Science Fair Project Idea

This is the perfect experiment for our motto, "Don't do it at home, do it at a friend's home." Who wants to make a mess in their own microwave? Ivory soap is one of the only soaps that float. Drop it in water and check for yourself. But how does Ivory float when most soaps sink? For this experiment, take a new, fresh [...]

Broncos Gameday Science for the NFL Playoffs

As everyone is well aware of by now, the Broncos are playing the New England Patriots in the Playoffs this weekend. Tim Tebow and his team are traveling to Boston to try and keep their Super Bowl dreams alive. This Broncos season has been nothing but unpredictable and exciting. During the game, you won't want to break away from the TV for [...]

Static Electricity – Hair-Raising Science

During the winter months, static electricity can build up and cause a shock when we touch a piece of metal or someone else. You can actually feel, see and hear the spark jump from your body or see it when you rub two cotton blankets together. But what happens to cause that shock and zap and why is it worse in [...]

Science Experiments and Activities to Celebrate the Holidays

The kids are home from school and are already saying, "We're bored!" Here are some science activities that celebrate the season while the kids are home and looking for entertainment. Borax Christmas Tree Ornaments All you need is a little borax, food coloring, string, a jar and pipe cleaners to make these beautiful snowflakes that won't melt. Grow Your Own Newspaper Tree Use a few [...]

Appearing Egg Trick – Science Magic

Do you want to be a science magician? You need a little know-how and a little practice to impress your audience with the Appearing Egg Trick. Show your audience a handkerchief and tell them you will make it disappear before their eyes. Stuff the handkerchief into your hand. When it is completely out of sight, unveil that the handkerchief is now ... [...]

Grow Your Own Magic Newspaper Christmas Tree

Do you prefer a real tree or a fake tree for Christmas? Or do you just go with a recycled newspaper tree instead? To make this incredibly tall and thin unique tree, take eight pages out of the newspaper and tape them end to end. Roll them all up into a tube. Using very strong and sturdy scissors, make several cuts from [...]

Borax Magic Crystal Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornaments

Are you looking for a fun indoor activity that uses both creativity and science? Make these beautiful Crystal Snowflakes to decorate your tree using a little kitchen science.   Using a pair of scissors, cut a pipe cleaner into three equal sections. Twist the three pipe cleaner sections together at their centers to form a six-sided snowflake. Don't stress if the sides aren't perfectly [...]

Non-Newtonian Glop – Making Cornstarch Monsters

What do you get when you combine water, cornstarch, an amplifier and a speaker? (Besides a mess.)  You make cornstarch monsters. Depending on the frequency played through the speaker and the vibrations it makes, the cornstarch will move and dance. Cornstarch is a non-Newtonian fluid which means it becomes a solid when it is under stress and a liquid when it flows. [...]

The Science Behind the Sounds You Hear

There is science behind every sound we hear. Sound is made from vibrations in the air. Different materials making different vibrations make different sounds based on the amplification and speed of the sound wave. Here are some of our favorite materials and experiments with sound - Screaming Cup (the stick and slide method), a Thunder Tube, Space Phone, Talking Strips, Singing Rod and [...]