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Professional Development for Teachers – New Online Virtual Science Workshop

We are proud to announce a new resource for teachers looking to keep their teaching credentials up to date while learning hands-on science experiments and lessons to bring into their classrooms.

Our new online Virtual Science Workshop brings teacher training and development into the comfort of your own home. No need to travel and spend nights away from home. Put on those comfy clothes and invite Steve Spangler into your living room. We will even ship workshop materials right to your front door.

Learn How to Register for Virtual Science Workshop at Steve Spangler Science



This is not your typical webinar – no headless voice endlessly talking over slides. The Spangler Online Learning platform incorporates high definition video, interactive learning prompts, downloadable handouts, online assessments and even a certificate of completion.

“Going virtual requires the trainer to use new strategies and instructional methods to keep the long-distance learner constantly engaged and committed to the learning experience.” – Steve Spangler

Our teacher training captures more than five hours of high energy content organized into easy-to-manage learning segments that make it convenient to learn at your own pace. Start, stop and rewind to make sure you capture every aspect of this learning experience.

Learn online anytime with Steve Spangler - Teacher Certification with Spangler Online Learning

  • Participate in more than 30 ready-to-use science activities that are inquiry-based, standard-related, and kid-tested
  • Develop inquiry-based activities that strengthen critical thinking skills and challenge students to ask the important “Why?” questions
  • Use elements of the story line in popular pieces of children’s literature to teach and reinforce fundamental building blocks of your science curriculum
  • Discover ways to use attention-grabbing science experiments as daily writing prompts
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the real science behind all the fun activities
  • Use the “Failure Model” to teach the scientific method
  • Develop classroom safety procedures to protect yourself and students against common accidents
  • Turn ordinary science activities into unforgettable learning experiences
  • Learn how to become a more effective science teacher without spending more money


2011 Hands-on Science Boot Camp Tour Coming to 6 Cities this Fall

Join Steve Spangler for an intensive one-day, boot camp training that is guaranteed to change the way you teach science forever. This fast-moving seminar is for pre-k and elementary teachers who need creative science integration strategies… who are tired of trying to “squeeze” science into their already packed teaching schedule… and who want to make science even more fun and meaningful in their classroom. Stop squeezing and start integrating!

The Boot Camp tour will be in the following cities.

  • Houston, TX     Sept. 28th
  • Dallas, TX     Sept. 30th
  • Chicago, IL     Oct. 5th
  • Washington, D.C.    Oct. 7th
  • Orlando, FL    Nov. 9th
  • Tampa, FL     Nov. 11th

Steve will be sharing his favorite Halloween experiments at the Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Washington, D.C. workshops.

The one-day workshops are only $189 per person.

The bottom line is this – Steve Spangler will help you take the fear out of teaching science and become a more effective science teacher using simple and inexpensive materials.

Register online or call 1-800-223-9080 but do it fast. Space is limited and workshops are filling up.

Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes Tour Visits Oklahoma City

Recently, I was at the Oklahoma Science Museum for a book signing and to present a science workshop to Oklahoma teachers. When I was in town, I also stopped by local news station KFOR to share some of my favorite science demonstrations. No matter how many times I tried to put anchorwoman Linda Cavanaugh at ease, she was still hesitant to conduct 50,000 volts of electricity or help me with a wildfire demonstration.

Anaheim Boot Camp Teachers Prove That Making Science Fun Starts With the Teacher!

Steve Spangler's Hands-on Science Boot Camp - Anaheim, CA

I think our photographer, Shawn Campbell, put it best when he described what happened at our Hands-on Science Boot Camp™ in Anaheim last week…

The moment these teachers arrived there was an energy in the room that turned the day into much more than just a day of doing science experiments. Anytime you have that much energy and fun in one room, grab a camera and start shooting! Steve was on fire – both figuratively and literally. There was an obvious connection between the teachers, Steve and his message about finding a genuine passion to teach science. While looking through the hundreds of photos that I took at the Boot Camp, I caught myself smiling – reflecting the expressions on everyone’s face that day. Making science fun is seriously contagious!

Huge thanks to Shawn Campbell for these amazing photos and for everyone who attended the workshop.

Learn more about our 2011 Hands-on Science Boot Camp™ tour.

Texas Teachers Attend Hands-on Science Boot Camp to Strengthen Their Teaching Skills

We have lots of teacher friends in Texas, and our most recent stops in Dallas and San Antonio brought together almost 300 teachers from all walks of education. You might expect that these one-day science teacher workshops would be heavily dominated by upper elementary and middle school teachers, but it’s great to see an amazing turnout by early childhood teachers, informal science educators, and a handful of college professors. These Hands-on Science Boot Camps are a great opportunity for teachers to share ideas and teaching strategies that really work to get students more engaged and thinking more critically as they sharpen their science skills.

Thanks to a room filled with smart phones, there were lots of cell phone pictures to share from our event. Our rule is always… take out your phones and turn them on! Pictures are a great way to remember the activities that will eventually kind their way into your classroom. Thanks to everyone who turned out for our Texas 2010 visit!