Mad About Science Week – Pam Schmidt

When it comes to doing science, I'll volunteer for anything - fear is not a factor for me. Then I visited Pam Schmidt's class at Thunder Ridge Middle School in Centennial, Colorado... and 49 of her pet snakes! That's right, at 5:30 in the morning, I was greeted by a room full of enthusiastic kids all holding snakes - big snakes. [...]

Mad About Science Week – Fred Sherrer

When you work on the morning show of a news station, getting up early is just a way of life. The alarm clock went off at 3 AM this morning and I was on my way to meet another great teacher. The kids at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Lakewood love Fred Scherrer. He makes science come alive for [...]

Mad About Science – a week-long salute to amazing science teachers

I approached my television producer with this idea several months ago... let's invite viewers to nominate their favorite science teacher to receive a special visit from our morning crew at their school during our "Mad About Science" week at 9NEWS. My producer didn't even have to think twice about the idea - do it! Within the first few hours after we [...]

Really cool demos – with dry ice

Assuming you have your dry ice by now, let's get into our first demonstration. Remember, wear your safety glasses and gloves. Do not ever put dry ice in your mouth. It will burn!! Using a pair of kitchen tongs, grab a chunk of dry ice (listen to the screeching sound when the metal touches the ice) and place it on a dish. On [...]

Halloween a great time for those dry ice demos

Halloween is right around the corner and it's a perfect time to do some really cool demonstrations. Watch the video of Steve doing cool dry ice demonstrations. First you need to get your dry ice. Your grocery store may have it, but if they don't, you may have to look elsewhere. Years ago, Baskin Robins used to carry dry ice, because it was the [...]

Laugh! Here come teachers with humor

Comedian, motivational speaker and magician Brad Montgomery has three children, ages 4, 7 and 8. My own kids are 6 and twins aged 3. All we have to do is tell each other what the kids did and we have plenty to laugh about. The same thing happens with teachers. Just write down the funny things that happen throughout the year. You can [...]

Spot dots and magic coloring books – lessons we learn in kindergarten

Maywood Elementary kindergarten in Indiana is lucky to have Julie Gintzler. She performs magic tricks in the classroom, and here are two of them. Take a magic coloring book you can get from any magic store or online. Flip through the pages the first time and the pages are blank. Then ask the children to rub their special magic crayon, which is [...]

Humor in the classroom – are you born with it – can you learn?

Brad Montgomery, motivational speaker, stand-up comedian and world-class magician says some of us are born with a little gene that helps us to be funny, but if you're not one of them, you can learn. We can't turn you into Robin Williams or Carol Burnett, but we can turn you into somebody funnier than you are today. How? Well, if you want [...]

The “how to” on Science Centers

A hot topic with new teachers, especially primary teachers right now is how to set up a Science Center. Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire Julie Gintzler from Maywood Elementary in Indiana has 18 years in teaching. 18 years ago they didn't have centers, just a bucket of toys and a nap. Julie does Science Centers in two different ways. First, there are Subject Centers which focus [...]

Potato growers, scientists, teachers benefit by a little humor

Laughing is good for us. Those little neurons open up and our bodies react in positive ways. There are even people who study the science of laughter. Magician, comedian and motivational speaker Brad Montgomery says that no matter what our job is, we could all do with an injection of humor in our day-to-day activities. This applies particularly to teachers - one [...]