Are We Overbooking Our Children & Ourselves in a "Race to Nowhere?"

By Guest Blogger Debbie Leibold I’m tired.  I have two sons (ages 13 and 10), I work part-time, I volunteer at both the elementary and the middle school, and I sit on a non-profit Board.  I drive the Mom taxi every afternoon back and forth between every sports practice known to man, piano and band practice, school ceremonies, volunteer opportunities, and a [...]

Leprechauns Beware: Beautiful Trap Ahead

Ann and her granddaughter shared their leprechaun trap with us earlier this week. They used our leprechaun trap as inspiration but "made it more girly." Instead of PVC pipe, they made a tree from branches with green glitter and added green Lucky Charms for leaves. The bait is also Lucky Charms Double Clover Leaf edition. When the leprechaun tries to steal [...]

Are You Organizing a School Event this Spring? Need a Little Help Coordinating Your Volunteers?

With spring fast approaching, the volunteer season is kicking into high gear — and parents are getting called on to volunteer from multiple directions. Are you planning a science fair or science birthday party this spring? Maybe it’s an end of year class party or a field trip. Whatever it is, you will rely on the help from volunteers. All the organization involved [...]

One Lucky Facebook Fan Wins $1,500 Snow Day for her Class

Have you LIKED Steve Spangler Science on Facebook yet? We love our Facebook fans so much, that we spoil them with special offers and giveaways. Last night, we hosted a Snow Day party in honor of the schools being closed in the Denver area due to snow and subzero temperatures. We gave away lots of cool science prizes with a grand [...]

Can't Watch Spangler Science Videos at School? How to Remove the Ban

My team and I have worked hard to create hundreds of science demonstration and how-to videos available on YouTube and our site for teachers, parents and students. But we hear from a lot of teachers who are frustrated that YouTube videos are blocked at their school. They cannot watch a video to work on a lesson for their students and [...]

Tax-Cutting, Government-Restricting Ballot Initiatives Bad for Colorado, Bad for Schools

There is a big fight gearing up in Colorado over three ballot initiatives - 60, 61 and 101. The initiatives promise tax cuts, controlled spending and borrowing and drops car registration taxes. The initiatives sound like a great idea, until you look closer at what they will do to Colorado and our public schools. Amendment 60 will change Colorado's constitution. It will [...]

Support Literacy, Help Break a World Record for National Read for the Record Day

On October 7th, 2010, teachers, politicians, celebrities, authors, firefighters and people across America will join children to read a book. Read for the Record is a record-breaking campaign that brings adults and children together on the same day to read the same book. This year's book is The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. It is the story of a little boy [...]

New Use for Our Windbags – Instaflator Blows Up Sleeping Pad in One Breath

We always love seeing our products in action... and we especially love it when someone finds a new use for one. We ran across this YouTube video featuring our Windbag (you can see our logo on the side) as a tool to help inflate an air mattress. As a tool for science teachers, the Windbag is an amazing activity that illustrates [...]

Spangler Failed to Qualify for the Olympic Team – Revealing Video Tells Why

The Vancouver 2010 opening ceremonies are Friday night and to celebrate, the Morning Men of 9News tried out for Team USA. Okay, I'm a science geek, but I've always dreamed of being an Olympic athlete. To realize this dream, I joined my on-air co-workers at 9News - Gary Shapiro, Gregg Moss, Graeme Nistler and Rob Proctor - to form the 9News ice skating team. [...]

Giant Red Balloons Find a New Home After Balloon Boy Experiment

  Contrary to popular belief, we didn't just cut the bag of potatoes free after our impromptu Balloon Boy experiment. My luck, the bag would somehow break free, potatoes would rain down upon some poor unsuspecting fool, and I'd end up going to jail (while Richard Heene gets a reality TV show out of the deal). Instead, we needed to find a [...]