Orchestrated Chaos: A Mentos Tribute to Eepybird.com

I was in Talkeetna, Alaska when I received a call from my television producer. "Have you seen the Mentos video yet?" I asked which one she was referring to and she said, "The one with the two guys and 102 bottles of Diet Coke." I quietly snuck out of the hotel room with my laptop - I was on a mission [...]

Does Diet Coke Really Produce the Best Results?

Believe it or not, research scientists have actually concluded that Diet Coke produces the best stream of flying soda (much to the joy of the Mentos Experiment enthusiasts). I received an email from Dr. Joe Maglaty, Director of Education Outreach from the Merck Institute for Science Education with this information: I recently came across an article that you may, or may not, [...]

The Wintergreen Lifesavers Trigger – A Variation on the Mentos-Coke Experiment

In response to a question about triggering the soda eruption, here's an experiment from the Fizz Factor book using Wintergreen Lifesavers and dental floss. The Ultimate Eruption II - Another minty variation of the Ultimate Eruption"”guaranteed to send your friends and family running for cover! Here's what you'll need... 2-liter bottle of diet soda 6 Wintergreen Lifesavers® Towel and/or a mop (by now, you know [...]

News Anchor Gets Soaked! Mentos Experiment Sets a New Record

Kim Christiansen thought that Monday would be just another fun, hands-on science segment with Steve Spangler. Little did she know that the bottles of soda would explode and she would be wearing the experiment. This is not the first time I've done the Mentos Soda Explosion on the air, but I can safely say that I've never gotten these great results [...]