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Mentos Practical Joke

Here’s a great practical joke based on the string trigger method that many people used with Wintergreen Lifesavers years ago. The Mento is cleverly suspended above the liquid and hidden by the cap of the Diet Coke bottle. One twist and it’s all over. Remember our motto… Don’t try this at home… try it at a friend’s home.

Update: The video was removed due to Terms of Use violations…sorry folks.

Hotel Had Never Seen 158 Exploding Bottles of Soda

When the front desk called my room and asked, “Mr. Spangler… do you want us to deliver the 200 bottles of Diet Coke to your room?”, I knew that they didn’t completely understand what was about to happen. On July 10th, I was invited to present a program on creativity to the youth who were attending the National Speakers Association annual convention in San Diego. The presentation was titled Candy Creativity and you can probably guess where I was going with this. Armed with a few cases of Geyser Tube toys and a few hundred rolls of Mentos, I met up with the kids in the courtyard of the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Geyser Tube Toy Helps Set New Mentos Geyser World Record


Dropping a roll of Mentos into a bottle of soda used to be something that kids did for fun. Now adults are getting into the act. I opened my e-mail and received these cool pictures from the organizers of the event that took place on July 10th in Flower Mound, TX. Representatives from the Guinness World Records certified the record-setting effort, which went off at 6:30 pm inside the Circle R Ranch Rodeo Arena where 850 independent sales representatives from Books Are Fun, a Reader’s Digest Company, simultaneously dropped Mentos into 850 two-liter bottles of soda using the Geyser Tube Toy. The previous Mentos geyser record was set on May 24, 2007 in Cincinnati, Ohio when 504 Mentos-and-Coke geysers were set off.

Please remember that you’re looking at 850 screaming adults… not kids… running away. Yes, learning is fun for people of all ages.

Mentos Slow Motion Video

If you’ve ever enjoyed wearing a bottle of Diet Coke after dropping in a roll of Mentos, you know that the reaction is immediate. I’ve always thought that it would be cool if you could slow everything down and really look at the reaction. I shared the idea with our friends at Mentos and they shot this slow motion video. There are a few frames where you can see the carbon dioxide gas coming out of solution being attracted to the tiny pits (nucleation sites) on the surface of the mint. For the tech-nerds in the audience, a Phantom 9.0 high-speed digital camera from Vision Research (2,000 frames per second) captured the slow-motion footage.

Mentos Diet Coke Geyser Sets a World Record


500 Greater Cincinnatians equipped with bottles of Diet Coke and a roll of Mentos set out to launch the largest number of Mentos Geysers ever to be set off all at once in one location. Drum roll please… and the first ever Mentos Guinness World Record for “Most Mentos and Soda Fountains” goes to a large crowd of wet people in Cincinnati. According to the press release, each of the 500 participants were given nice goody bag stuffed with candy, a Mentos geyser loading tube, goggles and a rain slicker. The loading tube they used is similar to the Geyser Tube but there’s no build-up of pressure like the real Geyser Tube. The guys from Eepybird (the lab coat and goggle wearing guys who created that cool video on YouTube) entertained everyone with a few of their cool choreographed displays and then they led the big count down.