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Eepy Bird Launches Their Version of the Mentos & Coke Rocket Car

Ever since our first video that went viral in 2005, people have been dropping Mentos into Diet Coke and other sodas for fun and hopefully for a little science too. No one has been more creative than the guys at Eepy Bird, who recently built a car that runs on Coke and Mentos geysers. This is their second attempt at the car and after some modifications and test drives, they ran it at a local race track.

Their geyser soda car is built using 54 bottles of Coke Zero and 324 Mentos. It runs on a piston mechanism with 6′ tubes attached to the soda bottles. The tubes each have a 6′ rod inside. The pressure from the reaction pushes the rods out of the tubes to push the car off the wall. It’s all coasting from there.

The video of their geyser rocket car has become popular on YouTube. Unfortunately, this isn’t something anyone can build and run themselves. If you want to run your own version of the Mentos Geyser Rocket, check out our Mentos Geyser Car. It’s fun, it’s science and it fits in your arms. Read some reviews on the Geyser car for more information.



Wordless Wednesday: Teachers Go for Distance – a 12 Foot Mentos & Diet Coke Soda Geyser

A teacher attending Julie Gintzler’s Story Time Slime this weekend in Springfield, Illinois took this picture of Julie launching a 12 foot geyser!

Julie left the bottles of Diet Coke in her car with a 104 degree heat index for the day. The hot soda was the perfect ingredient to blast some super high geysers. That may be one for the Geyser Hall of Fame.

Human Volcano – Wonder How Many Kids Tried This Mentos & Diet Coke Hoax?

While you may have never tried it, let’s be honest… you’ve thought about trying it… or making someone else try it. Drink as much Diet Coke as possible and then eat a few Mentos. It’s every 8th grader’s dream… either you spew a volcano of soda or you explode. Either way, it’s funny. Last night’s episode of Two and a Half Men just proves that one of the show’s writers is a science geek with a sense of humor.

Although I’m sure thousands of people (okay, 8th graders) have tried it, you just can’t turn your body into a human volcano with erupting geysers of diet soda. During the first year of my agreement with the company that makes Mentos (Perfetti Van Melle), there were rumors of a Brazilian boy who drank a bottle of soda and chased it with a roll of Mentos… and he exploded. I was asked by PVM to explain the science of why this can’t happen. This lead to the writers at posting a great article on the Mentos and Diet Coke reaction with a reference to our site as part of the scientific rationale for why the rumor isn’t true.

But this hasn’t stopped a flurry of funny videos surfacing on Youtube. Super Burp has to be one of my favorites. Get ready… someone explodes.

New Guinness World Record Attempt – 2,500 Mentos Soda Geysers

Mentos-Danville-Illinois-Spangler-Geyser-TubeOur own Julie Gintzler (follow @juliegintzler) is on hand in Danville, Illinois for a new Guinness World Record attempt for 2,500 MENTOS® powered soda geysers. The event organizers contacted Steve Spangler Science in their initial planning stages to see if they could gain some tips and tricks from our past MENTOS geyser records. When you’re attempting a geyser launch this big, you need a great trigger device… and that’s a perfect job for our Geyser Tube.

Be Amazing! Toys, the distributor and of Steve Spangler’s Geyser Tube toy, supported the event with the donation of the Geyser Tubes toys. “When Steve contacted us about the event and asked for Be Amazing! Toys to partner with him and share in our support, we were excited to participate,” said Marc Greenberg, Vice-President of Marketing at Be Amazing! Toys. “We know first hand the amount of effort it takes to pull off a Guinness World Record, and using the event to support Shaken Baby Syndrome is a great combination.”

A large crowd of people from Danville, Illinois came out this morning to have some fun and to support Reagan’s Rescue for Shaken Baby Syndrome. Julie Gintzler is at the event representing Steve Spangler Science and Be Amazing! Toys and will have the first video and photos in minutes.