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Wordless Wednesday: Teachers Go for Distance – a 12 Foot Mentos & Diet Coke Soda Geyser

A teacher attending Julie Gintzler’s Story Time Slime this weekend in Springfield, Illinois took this picture of Julie launching a 12 foot geyser!

Julie left the bottles of Diet Coke in her car with a 104 degree heat index for the day. The hot soda was the perfect ingredient to blast some super high geysers. That may be one for the Geyser Hall of Fame.

Story Time Slime – Bringing Literature & Science Together in Your Classroom

Tis the season for spooky, slimy science. The kids are excited for the upcoming holiday, restless in their seats and it’s hard to keep their attention on the lessons at hand. Early childhood teachers know that getting kids excited about science is only part of the challenge. Getting them engaged, focused and excited about what they are learning so they retain it is another big part of the puzzle.

Funnel the excitement for the holiday into an unforgettable classroom experience that will make it home to the dinner table. Why not combine a literary lesson along with a science lesson? For example, read Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin and then learn about polymers while you make Insta-Worms.

This is just one example of a great literary connection to make with your students. Do you want to learn more? Join Julie Gintzler for a one-day training that will help you build more literature connections, teach more science and have more fun while creating unforgettable learning experiences.

Story Time Slime is more than a collection of great hands-on activities. It’s a whole new way to teach science through children’s literature.

Julie Gintzler is an early childhood science specialist who combines her passion for teaching hands-on science with her love for great children’s literature to create incredible learning opportunities for children. I invited Julie to join his teacher training team after seeing her in action and experiencing her unique approach to getting her students to think like scientists.

Book Julie and her unique approach to teaching at a private workshop today. Call Carly Reed at 1-800-223-9080 for pricing and availability or visit the Story Time Slime page for more information.

Sub-Zero Science: A New School Assembly Program

Steve Spangler Science is proud to announce a new elementary school assembly program coming to a gymnasium near you. Sub-Zero Science is filled with eye-catching science experiments and hands-on demonstrations that explore states of matter and changes in temperature.

Award-winning elementary teacher, Julie Gintzler, makes homemade hot air balloons float, soda cans crush on command, clouds of water vapor erupt from an ordinary glass of water and flash freezes household items in a bath of liquid nitrogen.

As a teacher serving over 20 years in the classroom, Julie found the most creative ways to make science fun. She has now transformed her passion for science into school outreach programs and teacher training workshops.

During Sub-Zero Science, Julie uses highly visual demonstrations to teach students and teachers how to be life-long learners. Continue reading

New Guinness World Record Attempt – 2,500 Mentos Soda Geysers

Mentos-Danville-Illinois-Spangler-Geyser-TubeOur own Julie Gintzler (follow @juliegintzler) is on hand in Danville, Illinois for a new Guinness World Record attempt for 2,500 MENTOS® powered soda geysers. The event organizers contacted Steve Spangler Science in their initial planning stages to see if they could gain some tips and tricks from our past MENTOS geyser records. When you’re attempting a geyser launch this big, you need a great trigger device… and that’s a perfect job for our Geyser Tube.

Be Amazing! Toys, the distributor and of Steve Spangler’s Geyser Tube toy, supported the event with the donation of the Geyser Tubes toys. “When Steve contacted us about the event and asked for Be Amazing! Toys to partner with him and share in our support, we were excited to participate,” said Marc Greenberg, Vice-President of Marketing at Be Amazing! Toys. “We know first hand the amount of effort it takes to pull off a Guinness World Record, and using the event to support Shaken Baby Syndrome is a great combination.”

A large crowd of people from Danville, Illinois came out this morning to have some fun and to support Reagan’s Rescue for Shaken Baby Syndrome. Julie Gintzler is at the event representing Steve Spangler Science and Be Amazing! Toys and will have the first video and photos in minutes.