Send a Secret Santa Note or Write a Secret Message to Santa

Does your child write letters to Santa? Or are you a Secret Santa that wants to leave clues or confuse your gift recipient? Here are a few different ways to send a secret message to Santa, an elf or anyone. Just keep in mind you will probably need to help decode your message. Invisible Ink Message Materials: Invisible pen (One you can see, but [...]

Mad Bubble Scientist – An Indoor Bubble Experiment for All Ages

By Genny Upton from In Lieu of Preschool  Bubbles!  Who doesn’t love bubbles!?!  We certainly love them at our house, but with the weather getting colder by the day, blowing bubbles outside is NOT at the top of my to-do list!  An easy solution we’ve found to beat the cold is to blow bubbles indoors!  It’s not very messy because we blow [...]

Borax Crystal Snowflake Ornaments – Kids Winter Blog Hop

What's more fun than running outside in the snow, building snow forts, snowmen and the best sledding ramps down the driveway and into the street?How about trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue or gloved finger? The only downside is the snowflakes melt as fast as they fall. Especially when you bring them inside. Using a little kitchen chemistry science, you [...]

Table Tricks to Keep Them Busy Before and After the Turkey is Gone

The holidays are fast approaching (how on EARTH did Thanksgiving sneak up like that?) Here is a collection of our favorite science magic tricks to entertain while the turkey is cooking and long after the wish bone is broken. Tablecloth Trick The table is beautiful. Everything is in it's place. Aunt Anne's china sits awaiting a feast. It's time to rip the tablecloth [...]

Can a Vampire See Itself in the Mirror?

One of our Facebook friends, Heather Kaiser, recently shared a very cool way to use our new Vampire Slime during a party, in the classroom or anytime you want to create a spooky activity. Vampire Slime is a brand-new concoction from Steve Spangler Science. The unique green slime shimmers and shines red when put in the light. Is it a vampire in [...]

The Invisible Secret Message That Glows in the Dark

Reveal invisible secret messages and drawings under a black light with a spooky homemade Halloween projector. These handheld projectors are perfect for puppet shows, lighting up while trick or treating, flashing messages in the dark to your friends, haunted houses and more. Take them outside for fun after dark. Decorate a piece of paper, draw your message or picture with a fluorescent [...]

Halloween Chemical Magic – Trick Your Friends and Remove Evil Spirits

It's a classic science reaction that dates back to the late 1800's. The Classic Iodine Clock Reaction reaction was used by magicians and psychics at Halloween time to remove the evil thoughts or evil spirits from someone's body and mind. They obviously doesn't actually remove anything...they just make starch. This reaction is delayed for a few seconds, which can make the subject startle [...]

Four Million Molecules That Stretch to the Moon – Gravi-Goo and Newton's Beads

In one cup of Gravi-Goo there is about four million linked molecules. The long strands of molecules are called polymers. Pour the liquid from cup to cup and the long strand of molecules will pull each other along, or siphon from one cup to another. They are so determined to stay together, that they will pull each other uphill. After experimenting with [...]

How to Avoid Labor Day and Summer Barbecue Fires

Barbecue grills are a big part of summer and especially the end of summer over Labor Day weekend. With a barbecue or charcoal grill, food is cooked over a flame. Where there is fire, there is an inherent danger. In this week's video from 9News, Steve explains how a common mistake can have tragic results. Occasionally during the summer barbecue, lighter fluid erupts [...]

Just Add Water – A Summer Exhibit at the Denver Children's Museum

The Denver Children's Museum offers fun activities right outside their doors this summer in an exhibit called Just Add Water. Kids will get wet, drip and splash in this hands-on exhibit. It's learning through play and there are even a few water geysers throw in. This is a summer-only event and only goes for a little while longer before closing for the season. [...]