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Christmas Science Craft – Insta-Snow Globe Jar

Are you looking for a quick, easy and unique decoration to brighten up your home or give as a gift?

Make a festive Insta-Snow Globe jar.

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science


  • 4-5 scoops of Insta-Snow powder (depending on the size of your jar)
  • Jar with a lid (a wider, shorter one works best)
  • Miniature decorations
  • Candle or flameless candle (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Water

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science


1. Scoop Insta-Snow powder into a clean jar.

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science

2. Add water until Insta-Snow is fluffy but not over-saturated and gelatin-like.

3. Fluff and mix the snow with your hand to mix water and powder completely.

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science

4. Decorate by adding miniature trees, people and other holiday decorations.

5. Glue ribbon around lid and place on top of jar.

We used a tiny Santa, tree and snowman from a Christmas village set. Get creative – make people out of baked clay, foam stickers, Legos, Pom Pom people or branches and pine cones from your backyard.

Closing the lid on the jar keeps the snow fresh and wet. You won’t need to re-hydrate it. If you decide to leave the lid off the top, you will want to spritz the Insta-Snow with water every few days to keep it moist.

One more thing, because the Insta-Snow is wet and will keep the jar humid, if you decide to use a flameless candle do not leave it in the jar. Remove it when it’s not in use or the batteries and switch may rust.

We found this originally on All for the Boys and their post Interactive Snowscape. They use sugar for the snow, but we swapped the sugar for our Insta-Snow. Thanks for the great idea!

Product Spotlight – Kinetic Sand

We have a lot of cool stuff cross our desks at the Spangler Labs. Occasionally there’s one that really stands out, even amongst all of the awesome stuff found in our store.

We were all excited when Kinetic Sand joined our catalog late this summer.

Kinetic Sand - Moving, Moldable Sand creates a hands-on science experience for all ages | Steve Spangler Science

Kinetic Sand looks like plain old sand, but this is not the sand you find on the beach. It flows and moves by itself, yet it can also be molded and decorated. (And no, it’s not wet.)

Kids (and adults) won’t be able to stop playing with this sand.

Everyone in our front office has a bowl of sand on their desks for those fidgety or stressful times. They’ve built sand balls, ice cream cones and even created the likeness of each other with the Kinetic Sand.

Kinetic Sand - Moving, Moldable Sand creates a hands-on science experience for all ages | Steve Spangler Science

It is made of 98% real sand and the secret lies in the remaining 2% with a special, non-toxic polymer. Kinetic Sand won’t dry out, won’t leave residue on hands and is easy to clean up.

While Kinetic Sand might appear to be just a fun material, this moving sand is actually designed to aid young developing minds. The unique properties of Kinetic Sand help develop fine motor skills, enable sensory development, and assist in cognitive development. It’s also a great tool to use alongside other materials for sensory therapy and special needs kids.

Kinetic Sand - Moving, Moldable Sand creates a hands-on science experience for all ages | Steve Spangler Science

Kinetic Sand has earned its place on our Top 12 Gifts this holiday season. Check out the other 11 remaining products that made the cut (and it wasn’t easy choosing only 12).


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Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Are you looking for some creative, educational and unique things to stick in their stockings this year?

Did you know science comes in all shapes and sizes?

Do what Santa does…give the gift of science. Our top stocking stuffers are tiny in size but big in discovery.

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 | Steve Spangler Science

1. Baby Soda Bottle Test Tube Experiments $3.99 each
These small, durable test tubes are made from soda bottles. Soda bottles begin their lives as small “baby” soda bottles before having hot air expand them into their “adult” size. We use the baby soda bottles as test tubes and include a Steve Spangler classic science experiment. Mix and match and give everyone in the family a different science activity.

  • Insta-Snow Test Tube – Includes 7 grams of Insta-Snow Powder
  • Growing Gator Tube – Includes one large growing gator
  • Rainbow Test Tube – Includes 3 grams each of red, yellow and blue Water Jelly Crystals
  • Test Tube Garden – Includes 10 grams of clear Water Jelly Crystals and corn, pea and sunflowers seeds
  • Energy Bead Test Tube – Includes 15 Energy Beads and enough bracelet cord to make one bracelet
  • Magic Sand Test Tube – Includes 24 grams of Magic Sand in assorted colors (red, yellow and blue)

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Test Tube Experiments $3.99 | Steve Spangler Science

2. More Test Tube Experiments – Just Add Water $3.99 each
Just like the Original Test Tube Experiments, Just Add Water Experiments come in a Baby Soda Bottle. Choose from our popular polymers. Just add water and watch the polymer expand.

  • Spikes Test Tube – Includes 10 polymer Spikes
  • Orbs Test Tube – Includes 15 grams of Orbs polymer in assorted color mixture
  • Water Gel Test Tube – Includes 9 grams of Water Gel powder
  • Jelly Marbles Test Tube – Includes 10 grams of Jelly Marbles polymer
  • Water Cube Test Tube – Includes 10 grams of Water Cube Polymer
  • Insta-Snow Test Tube – Includes 7 grams of Insta-Snow Powder

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 | Polymer Test Tubes $3.99 | Steve Spangler Science

3. Geyser Tube $4.99
Steve Spangler popularized the Diet Coke and MENTOS® experiment years ago when a video of a newscast personality was drenched in soda on live TV went viral on a brand new network called YouTube. The Geyser Tube™ is a loading tube for MENTOS® . Attach it to the top of a soda bottle, pull the pin and stand back! The MENTOS® drop into the bottle and the powerful soda geyser comes shooting out the top with enough pressure to reach an incredible height of 30 feet.

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 | Geyser Tube $4.99 | Steve Spangler Science

4. Energy Stick $7.99
The Energy Stick is the newest tool in experimenting with open and closed circuits. Completely safe to touch and handle, the Energy Stick features electrodes on each end of its 7.5″ long tube. When these electrodes are touched simultaneously, long-lasting LED lights inside the tube flash and the tube makes a noise. Release one or both of the electrodes and the flashing lights and noise stop. Do it over and over again… it works every time!

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Energy Stick $7.99 | Steve Spangler Science

5. Tornado Tube $2.99
Create a tornado in a bottle! This exciting experiment is a hands-on demonstration of “VORTEX ACTION.” Use this experiment to study kinetic and potential energy, as well as the atmospheric conditions needed to create a tornado vortex.

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Tornado Tube $2.99 | Steve Spangler Science

6. Bernoulli Wind Bag $4.99
How many breaths does it take to inflate an 2 meter (8 ft) Windbag? 70 breaths, maybe? Why even try? With a simple science secret you can amaze your students and friends by blowing up your Windbag in one breath! If you don’t believe it, try this amazing science activity! Windbags are so light and strong that even the smallest scientist can demonstrate the amazing properties of air!

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Wind Bags $4.99 | Steve Spangler Science

7. Space Age Crystal Growing Kit $9.99
Some crystals can take hundreds or even thousands of years to be formed, but not the crystals in the Space Age Crystal Growing Kit. In this kit, you will see crystals beginning to form in as little as 12 hours! Using the Space Age Crystal Growing Kit, you’ll have full grown crystals in just a few days. And these aren’t tiny little crystals – they will grow to as big as 4″ in diameter.

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Space Age Crystal Growing Kit $9.99 | Steve Spangler Science

8. Giant Growing Lizard $4.99
It’s the conversation piece in the Spangler Labs… people walk in and say, “Holy Fright! Where did you get that?” This lizard starts out 30 cm (12 in) long and grows to an impressive meter (36 in). We’re not sure just how big he’ll get because he just keeps growing. Of course, you can dry him out and watch him shrink back down over time (just how much time depends on your humid climate).

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Giant Growing Lizard $4.99 | Steve Spangler Science

9. Giant Growing Frog $4.99
You guessed it… this frog grows to an enormous size when you soak it in water. The frog starts out 8 cm (3 in) long and grows to 23 cm (9 in). Remember, it grows in all directions, so this frog is huge. Dry it out (if you’re patient and careful) and watch it return to its original size.

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Giant Growing Frog $4.99 | Steve Spangler Science


10. Square Bubble Maker $7.99
Do square bubbles really exist? That’s the question of the day and the answer is yes… if you know the science secret. Square bubbles are easy to make and serve as a great learning tool as students explore the concepts of soap films and surface tension. We’ll provide all the tools you need to build your own “square bubble creator” and even give you the recipe for our favorite bubble solution. Get ready to amaze your friends!

Top 10 Science Stocking Stuffers Under $10 |  Square Bubble Maker $7.99 | Steve Spangler Science

Table Tricks Science Experiment Guide

It’s a mad rush in the kitchen before a holiday meal with family and friends. Once the turkey and potatoes are gone, what do you do to entertain your guests? Science magic table tricks of course!

Table Tricks Activity Guide downloadable pdf $4.99 | Steve Spangler Science

Whether you’re sitting down to a nice dinner with your family or if you’ve just finished an enormous Thanksgiving feast, you can perform some incredible science demonstrations, experiments, and activities with the Table Tricks Science Experiment Guide!

The best part? You don’t need to head to the science store – these table tricks use supplies you have around the house. It’s kitchen science at the dinner table.

Tricks like Balancing Utensils, the Spinning Match, and Newton’s Bottle make for great party pieces, but your guests will be even more impressed when you reveal the science behind the Table Tricks. Don’t forget the encore –

Hands-on science, good company, and great food… what could be better? The Tablecloth Trick!