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My Spot Dot Red Thumb – Six Years Old and Still Glowing Strong

I’ve carried my Spangler Science Spot Dot Red Thumb in my purse or briefcase for six years. I like to keep it with me because I use it. A lot.


I use it when I lecture because my students can’t keep their eyes off it and it keeps them awake. I love the looks on their faces; they’re not sure if they’re really seeing the red spot dot or not.

I am not above using it in public to mess with people’s minds.

My sister uses it when she directs her many show choirs. A choral music director with a red Spot Dot not only keeps the singers’ attention; she looks really cool. REALLY cool.

My brother is a musician and plays in several bands. (When he’s not busy being Director of Finance at a university out west, that is.) With a red Spot Dot flashing away at intervals during his bass guitar riffs, all eyes are on him and the scenario is, again, really cool.  Their drummer has one, too, and the effect is just as awesome as you might imagine.

Now, keeping the Spot Dot Red Thumb in a purse along with other things that are probably considered unconventional probably isn’t the best place for a Spot Dot to live all the time. Over the years, mine turned really dark, and it became more and more difficult to make it look like my real thumb. A few weeks ago, my classroom computer was being serviced by one of the IT guys, and I noticed that he was missing the thumb on his left hand. I also noticed that what was left of his thumb matched my Spot Dot. Perfectly.

Of course, the Spot Dot won’t work as a prosthesis, but it does create an interesting effect when the person working on your computer seems to be able to take his very natural-looking-if-you’re-from- Mars thumb off and on at will.

Oh, and he likes to make it glow and pretend he’s being electrocuted.

Never think for a moment that anything has only one kind of use. If you use your imagination, everything is game. Sometimes, things are fair game.

P.S.  Six years old and the battery was still fresh.  That’s a darn good battery life!

Steve Spangler’s Kit of the Month Club – Summer Edition Perfect for Stopping Summer Learning Loss

The staff at Steve Spangler Science has a reputation for playing and having fun at our jobs. A requirement for working here is being a kid at heart.

When the boss is a big kid himself, you have to have a playful side to survive. We work hard and play just as hard at the Spangler Labs.

Kit of the Month Summer Edition from Steve Spangler Science

This helps when we are tasked with developing new ways to make science fun and get it into the hands of teachers, parents and kids. 

To add to the solution of stopping summer learning loss and finding engaging ways to bring parents and kids together, we came up with the Kit of the Month Club – Summer Edition.

Kit of the Month Club Summer Edition from Steve Spangler Science

In June, July and August you will receive a kit designed to spark Wow! moments as you and your children become mad scientists. These kits were developed by Steve Spangler himself to include the best STEM learning activities that will keep your kids focused all summer long.

June : Mad Scientist Lab – Color Mixing
July: Science of Electricity
August: Super Solar Science

Each kit will be delivered to your door and contain at least eight STEM and science activities (including one that involves the box itself) that will keep them busy and discovering. 

The kits come with enough materials for one child, but siblings can share or work together. If you want each child to individually do each activity, multiple kits should be ordered.

Why Should I Sign Up?

  • FREE shipping!
  • 3 Months of science adventures from Steve Spangler delivered to your door
  • Perfect for children ages 6-12
  • At least 8 hands-on science activities each month
  • Easy to understand step-by-step instructions
  • Access to an exclusive video lesson from Steve Spangler
  • Learn the real science behind each amazing experiment
  • Great resource for teachers, child care professionals and science enthusiasts
  • Individual kits not available to purchase anywhere
  • Make STEM learning fun!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


Water Jelly Crystals Give Lesson in Transformation and Potential

water jelly crystals, potential Sometimes, our students need a little reminder that if they just wait, if they just have a little patience, wonderful things can happen. Many students don’t understand this concept unless they see a tangible example of it, and Steve Spangler’s Water Jelly Crystals are the perfect way to show them.

There is science in every subject area, and this simple experiment demonstrates to any history, English, math, health, home ec, shop, computer, yes, and science, student the very simple concept of amazing transformation, the blossoming of potential, with the addition of just one thing.

At the beginning of class, I show the students the tiny, unimpressive-looking little beads that resemble the rock salt used in winter or with homemade ice cream. What could possibly come of adding just one more thing to these hard, unattractive things?

So I put them in a clear glass bowl and add one ingredient – water. Just water.  I send a student to fill the pitcher so they’ll know it’s no trick – it really is just water.  I ask the students to let us all know if they see anything change.

Class begins as usual.

It only takes about 20 minutes for someone to stand up and say something, and that something is usually, “WOW! Look at it! Look at it, you guys!”

Because with the addition of just one simple thing, a few mundane pieces (of what looks like nothing much) have become a treasure trove of glittering jewels.

This is what education does, you see. Add one simple thing to one other simple thing and the end result is something unutterably beautiful.

It’s also a lesson in polymers, but on this particular day, it’s the transformation from blah to pirate booty that is emphasized.

It’s so simple. It’s so beautiful. And it’s a lesson that is easily understood and remembered.

I bring baggies so the students can help themselves to a handful of “gems” to take home and nourish. With education, we need to keep feeding our knowledge – that’s how things grow.

I have students who are still nurturing 6-year-old water jelly crystals on their windowsills. This makes me really, really happy.

Sick Science! Apparel Now Available – Show Off Your Passion for Science

Our Sick Science! Experiments are a global phenomena and are seen from southern California McDonald’s and to Saudi Arabia.

They are the brainchild of our amazing video team and originate on our Sick Science! YouTube channel. The videos demonstrate simple science experiments you can do at home with minimal materials.

Sick Science! Apparel Now Available for Teachers, Parents, Students and Science Fanatics

We have t-shirts, mugs, hats, stickers and even an apron with the Sick Science! logo. Perfect for teacher gifts, science fanatics, or anyone who loves Sick Science. Visit our store on CafePress >

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Christmas Science Craft – Insta-Snow Globe Jar

Are you looking for a quick, easy and unique decoration to brighten up your home or give as a gift?

Make a festive Insta-Snow Globe jar.

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science


  • 4-5 scoops of Insta-Snow powder (depending on the size of your jar)
  • Jar with a lid (a wider, shorter one works best)
  • Miniature decorations
  • Candle or flameless candle (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Water

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science


1. Scoop Insta-Snow powder into a clean jar.

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science

2. Add water until Insta-Snow is fluffy but not over-saturated and gelatin-like.

3. Fluff and mix the snow with your hand to mix water and powder completely.

Insta-Snow Globe Holiday Decoration | Steve Spangler Science

4. Decorate by adding miniature trees, people and other holiday decorations.

5. Glue ribbon around lid and place on top of jar.

We used a tiny Santa, tree and snowman from a Christmas village set. Get creative – make people out of baked clay, foam stickers, Legos, Pom Pom people or branches and pine cones from your backyard.

Closing the lid on the jar keeps the snow fresh and wet. You won’t need to re-hydrate it. If you decide to leave the lid off the top, you will want to spritz the Insta-Snow with water every few days to keep it moist.

One more thing, because the Insta-Snow is wet and will keep the jar humid, if you decide to use a flameless candle do not leave it in the jar. Remove it when it’s not in use or the batteries and switch may rust.

We found this originally on All for the Boys and their post Interactive Snowscape. They use sugar for the snow, but we swapped the sugar for our Insta-Snow. Thanks for the great idea!